Escape From Tarkov - Delivery From The Past Quest Guide


Escape From Tarkov: Delivery From The Past Quest Guide

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Delivery From The Past is one of the most complex questlines in Escape from Tarkov and it can be very challenging for new players to complete.
Players will need to play customs multiple times to complete the quest but the final rewards make it well worth the effort.
Delivery From The Past involves finding a key, safe extraction and planting an item as part of a three-step questline for Prapor.

Delivery From The Past is one of the most complex questlines in Escape from Tarkov and there are countless players who are left scratching their heads when starting this Prapor quest for the first time. Unlike most other quests in Escape From Tarkov, Delivery From The Past requires players to complete a key, safe extraction, and item planting mission all mixed into one. 

How to start the Delivery From The Past Quest in Escape From Tarkov

To start the quest, players need to obtain the secure folder from the Tarcone director’s office on Customs and extract with the folder in their inventory. Head to the Factory and stash the item in the Factory break room and once you do so, it will inform you that you need a key to access the director’s office. This marks the start of the quest and you will receive some quest items from Prapor to kick things off. 

How to Complete Delivery From The Past in Escape From Tarkov

Before you do anything else in the questline, you need to grab the Tarcone director’s office key. You can get access to the key in the usual spawn points so make sure that you keep an eye out for keys in drawers, jackets and the other usual places. You can also grab a key as a barter from Therapist LL1 in exchange for two cans of green tea, four army crackers and two cans of squash spread. 

You can also go to Therapist LL2 and exchange four golden neck coins for a key. We recommend bartering with the LL1 Therapist as the resources are very easy to get and it only takes a few minutes to grab the barter items from ration crates.

Once you have the key, you can head to Customs and unlock the door above the metal stairs. There are two doors in the subsequent hallway and you will find the secure folder through the second door on the left-hand side. You can crouch down the area to grab the folder and now it’s time to extract. Remember that you will need to extract safely so if you die, you will lose the item.

Once you have the secure folder, head to the Factory and go to gate three (northwest side of the map). Head into the break room and go up the stairs to plant the folder without being seen. If you get caught, the mission fails. Once you plant the secure folder, you need to extract once more and head to Prapor to get your rewards.

The rewards for completing the Delivery From The Past include: 

  • Saiga 12ga ver.10 12/76 semi-automatic shotgun 

  • Four SOK-12 12/76 sb.5 5-round magazines, 

  • 40 12/70 7mm buckshot rounds  

  • 4,000 EXP, 20,000 Roubles 

  • +0.03 to your Prapor rep

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