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Discord Drops: How to Set Up and Redeem

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Players can complete Drop Quests to earn exclusive rewards for different games.
You will need to enable Discord Drops in your User Settings to get notifications for drops.

Discord, the popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) preferred by gamers, is giving players a chance to earn exclusive rewards through their Discord Drops program. Players can earn Discord drops by streaming games for friends through the Go Live service on Discord. Currently, Discord is partnering with 343 Industries to give out the Unicorn of Earth Name Plate, Armor, Vehicle, and Weapon Emblems for Halo Infinite through the drops. Here is how to set up and redeem Discord Drops. 

How to set up and redeem Discord Drops

Note that this feature is currently available only on the Discord desktop and browser clients. Here is how you can enable the Discord Drops program:

1. Open your Discord client then press on the cog wheel icon in the bottom left corner to open ‘User Settings’.

2. In the left-hand panel, select Privacy & Safety. On this page, scroll down to the “How We Use Your Data” section and make sure Use data to customize my Discord experience and In-game rewards (aka Drops) are enabled.

Make sure you have Discord Drops enabled to earn the rewards.


3. Once Discord has a Drop Quest live, you’ll get a notification on your desktop client. 

4. After fulfilling the Drop Quest requirements, you’ll get another notification asking you to redeem the drop. Click the ‘Claim Code’ button to redeem it. 

Halo Infinite Discord Drops are currently available

For the current Halo Infinite Discord Drop, you’ll need to stream the game for 15 minutes to at least 1 viewer. Join a voice chat channel and select the ‘Go Live’ button. Make sure you screenshare the application window playing the partnered game. Navigate to User Settings and then Gift Inventory to redeem the Drop code.

You can redeem all older Discord Drops in the Gift Inventory section. 


Once you get the code, go to the Halo Waypoint website and sign in. Enter the code and press ‘Redeem Code’ to receive the Unicorn of Earth Name Plate, Armor, Vehicle, and Weapon Emblems. The Halo Infinite drops will be available to earn till 30th December 2022. If you’ve earned the drop, make sure you claim it before 6th January, 2023.

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