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Diablo 4 Twitch Drops: How to Get

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Blizzard Entertainment announced a month-long celebration for Diablo 4’s launch on Twitch.
Players can watch content creators to get a total of ten free drops across four weeks.
There is also a special mount that is available if you gift two Twitch subscriptions to any of the partnered content creators.

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the launch of Diablo 4 on Twitch from 5th June to 2nd July with four weeks of Twitch drops. In addition to the free drops, you can earn a special mount by gifting 2 Twitch subscriptions of any tier to eligible streamers under the Support of a Streamer Program. If you are interested in earning some free loot for yourself, here is how you can get Twitch Drops in Diablo 4.

List of Diablo 4 Twitch Drops

Diablo 4 Twitch Drops

Week 1: 5th June, 4 PM. PDT to 11th June 11:59 PM. PDT

  • Azurehand Back-Stabber Dagger (Watch for 3 hours)

  • Azurehand Heart-Piercer Sword Weapon Recolors  (Watch for 3 hours)

  • Matron-Sigil Coffer (Watch for 6 hours)

  • Progenitor Favor Back Trophy (Watch for 6 hours)

Week 2: June 12, 12 PM PDT to June 18, 11:59 PM PDT

  • Azurehand Spell-Slinger Wand Weapon Recolor (Watch for 3 hours)

  • Hellrune Tabernacle Back Trophy (Watch for 6 hours)

Week 3: June 19, 12 AM PDT to June 25, 11:59 PM PDT

  • Azurehand Head-Cleaver Weapon Recolor (Watch for 3 hours)

  • Font of the Mother Back Trophy (Watch for 6 hours)

Week 4: June 26, 12 AM PDT to July 2, 11:59 PM PDT

  • Azurehand Skull-Crusher (Watch for 3 hours)

  • Matriarch’s Mantle Back Trophy (Watch for 6 hours)

How to get Diablo 4 Twitch Drops

Blizzard has made the account linking process very simple for the new Diablo 4 Twitch drops. Sign into your Battle.net account here and it will ask you to link your account to Twitch. You may need to login to your Twitch account if you are not already logged in. Once done, all you need to do is watch your favorite creators and you will rece4e your drops.

From 5th June, 4 PM PDT to 2nd July, 11:59 p.m. PDT, you can also show your support for eligible Diablo 4 creators by gifting their channel 2 Twitch subscriptions (any tier) to get the Primal Instinct Mount. There are hundreds of creators to choose from and you should check out the official list before gifting any subs.

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