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Call of Duty Warzone Season 2: Players Find Easy Way to Level Up Guns Faster in Caldera

Abhimannu Das
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Call of Duty's Caldera Clash has given out a faster way to level guns by abusing a glitch that offers increased XP gains from bounties.
You need to have a double XP perk and pick up as many bounties as possible in Caldera Clash to quickly level your gear.
Other players' kills count towards progression and you do not need to fire a single bullet to level up your guns.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 is here and players have already discovered a number of handy farming methods in the game. Warzone Season 2 brought with it changes to 16 guns and over 100 attachments, and players will be looking to level up some of the best weapons in the game right now and change existing attachments to adapt to the new meta. There is a way to level up your weapons much faster than you would normally be able to in Caldera Clash which everyone is jumping on.

How to level up weapons faster in Call of Duty Warzone Season 2

If you want to level up guns faster, you should head to the Caldera Clash mode. While it might not be as effective as the 4x XP farm that was discovered in the past, it is worth looking at if you are falling behind on levelling up your gear. Thanks to Reddit user X3FBrian, players can now get their gear ready to go in no time. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use a double XP perk

  2. Launch the Caldera Clash game mode and choose a bounty

  3. Play the game normally and enjoy free XP from kills that other players get

By having both a bounty and the double XP perk, you will not have to run around searching for kills to level up your weapons. Even if other players secure kills, you will receive XP for your weapons and attachments. Thanks to the large-scale team fights, it becomes very easy to get your weapons maxed out in no time.

Despite the method sounding very appealing, there are quite a few things that can hinder your progress. The biggest problem with this method is that some maps have fewer bounties than others. For example Farmland in Verdansk is a terrible map to farm XP in while Factory is solid for getting one bounty after another.

The number of players doing the farm also affects the progression and if you get lucky and happen to be the only one farming XP via this new glitch, you will gain a lot more XP. But if others in the lobby are farming XP as well, you’ll be out of luck and experience normal XP gains. It might be a good idea to hop on and try to farm out as many weapons and attachments as possible before everyone finds out about the new levelling method.

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