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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features two map types, i.e., Core Maps and Battle Maps.
Core Maps supports the CoD traditional 6 v 6 combat games, whereas Battle Maps supports up to 32 v 32 combat games.
All the maps are grouped into Al Mazrah, Las Almas, and the Rest of the World.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to Modern Warfare 2019 and the 19th addition to the Call of Duty (CoD) series, was released on 28th October. The game brings impressive graphics, improved combat mechanisms, new game modes, and new maps. Modern Warfare 2 features two map types, i.e., Core Maps and Battle Maps.

This guide will discuss all the maps available for play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and where they are located.

All maps available to play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 features two map types, i.e., Core Maps and Battle Maps. Core Maps supports the CoD traditional 6 v 6 combat games, whereas Battle Maps supports up to 32 v 32 combat games. These maps are further grouped into Al Mazrah, Las Almas, and the Rest of the World.

Al Mazrah

All the maps in this category are based on locations in Al Mazrah, a metropolitan area, and its outskirts within the Republic of Adal, serving as the main region for Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Several Core and Battle Maps are based on locales from this region, making Multiplayer a great mode to get familiar with their points of interest and power positions.

Following are all the maps from Al Mazrah:

  • Al Bagra Fortress (Battle and Core):

    As the name suggests, Al Bagra Fortress is set in a vast, historic fortress that has been turned into a tourist attraction in Al Mazrah. It is a large building with multiple floors, surrounded on all sides by trucks, crates, and statues.

  • Embassy (Core):

    The map is set within the Embassy of the United States of America in Al Mazrah. The map features two buildings facing each other. Based on the map’s design, it offers an excellent opportunity for players to rock sniper rifles at long-range or submachine guns (SMGs) or Shotguns in close quarters.

  • Taraq (Core):

    Taraq is located in a ruined village in the middle of the desert. It features nearly ten buildings scattered across the map. The map design allows players to use any weapon of their choice, from SMGs to Sniper Rifles.

  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric (Battle and Core):

    Zarqwa Hydroelectric is set on a Hydroelectric Power Plant just like the name suggests. One of the unique aspects of this map is that it allows players to dive underwater. It features a river flowing across the map and a network of tunnels, allowing a stealthy flank.

  • Sarrif Bay (Battle):

    Like Zarqwa Hydroelectric, Sarriff also allows players to swim underwater. The map is located on a port, featuring a lot of action on land, sea, and air.

  • Sa’id (Battle):

    Sa’id was Al Mazrah’s second-most populated city. The map features an intricate network of underground caves within a small village.

Las Almas

A significant area of interest in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign, Las Almas is a Central American region that hosts a variety of Core and Battle Maps.

Following are all the maps from Las Almas:

  • El Asilo (Core):

    El Asilo is a large map and a good one for snipers. El Asilo is centered on a sizable warehouse in the middle of the map, with a few scattered, much smaller sheds. This map favors campers because of the natural terrain and long sightlines of the surrounding area.

  • Mercado Las Almas (Core):

    Mercado Las Almas is primarily set in outdoor conditions but is not entirely open. It features entwined alleys and streets, with plenty of places to dip in and hide. It also features a few buildings throughout the map, making it a good choice for players to pick Sniper Rifles.

  • Santa Sena Border Crossing (Battle and Core):

    Santa Sena Border Crossing map is a location at the border crossing between Mexico and the United States. The map has a choke point in the middle of the bridge between the two countries.

Rest of the World

The final category of maps takes place in areas outside of Al Mazrah and Las Almas for a glimpse at what’s happening in other regions of the world.

Following are all the maps from the Rest of the World.

  • Breenbergh Hotel (Core):

    Breenbergh Hotel is a small map used in all the usual modes like Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint, as well as new modes such as Prisoner Rescue and Knockout. Set in Amsterdam, the Breenbergh Hotel is a predominantly indoor map with a slim outdoor perimeter. Thanks to its layout, this is one of the most challenging maps regarding breaching the enemy team’s area. Breenbergh Hotel is based on a real-world hotel called the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. The owners of this hotel are not happy with its "unwanted involvement" in the game and the hotel is reportedly considering legal action against the game.

  • Crown Raceway (Core):

    Crown Raceway, previously known as Marina, was the first map teased by the developers long before the beta roll-out. It is an extensive map where fighting occurs in and amongst the pit lane, garages, and enormous, oversized motorhomes assigned to each team.

  • Farm 18 (Core):

    Farm 18 features mostly indoor gameplay with tight space, making it a fast-paced map with much close-quarter engagement.

  • Valderas Museum* (Core):

    Valderas Museum is a large map with many staircases and open areas for medium to long-ranged gunplay.

*Note: Valderas Museum was available in the game's beta version. However, it was removed from the map pool with the global release for unknown reasons. It’s speculated that this is a direct result of a copyright issue between Activision and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California.

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