Best Sword Enhancements in Minecraft


Best Sword Enhancements in Minecraft

Abhimannu Das
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If you love using a sword in Minecraft, you should consider using enchantments to boost your damage or efficiency.
Mending is arguably the best generalist enchantment that you can use in Minecraft.
The Looting enchantment can help you get access to a lot more loot.

Enchanting your gear can improve your damage, and efficiency or even give you cool new abilities in Minecraft. If you love using a sword, you should consider enchanting your weapons to have an easier time against mobs or even in PvP combat. If you are wondering which enchantment options are the best, here are our picks for the best sword enchantments in Minecraft.

Top five sword enchantments in Minecraft


Sharpness is the go-to enchantment for boosting your damage. It adds a few points of melee damage and has five levels of enchantment. It is better than Smite and Bane of Arhtropods because despite its lower overall damage, it is usable on more mobs making it a versatile choice. 


Mending is a no-brainer enchantment as it sacrifices some experience points to repair your weapon. Since you keep getting experience points for killing foes, you will not have to worry about your sword breaking as long as you get enough experience points during your playtime. 


If you want more loot, there’s nothing better to use than the Looting enchantment. You can go up to enchantment level 3 for an additional 3% drop rate for rare items. You can find items like ender pearls fairly consistently and it makes obtaining rare items a lot easier.

Fire Aspect

Fire damage is very powerful in Minecraft and being able to deal additional burn damage is a great trait to have on a weapon. You can also use the enchantment to instantly turn pigs into pork and cook other animals. It is quite useless in the Nether but in situations where it shines, it is a must-have enchantment.


The inclusion of Knockback over Smite or Bane of Arthropods might come as a surprise to many but we feel that the crowd-control ability of the Knockback enchantment is too valuable.

While Smite and Bane of Arthropods have their uses against specific enemies and can dish out massive amounts of damage, Knockback works against all enemies that you can hit with a sword and you will be able to keep fearsome foes away from you when fighting them.

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