Here are some ideas for matching profile pictures for you and your duo on Discord and Steam.


Best Matching Profile Pictures for You and Your Duo on Discord and Steam

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Matching your profile pictures online is a great way to show your connection.
Here are some ideas for matching profile pictures for you and your duo on Discord and Steam.

There are many ways to show off the bond you have with your friend, partner and duo. You can use display names that compliment each other and match your profile picture with your duo. There are many imaginative options out there to match your profile pictures. You can go for two of a kind with pictures of similar art styles and color palettes. On the other hand you can go the yin-yang approach for some contrast yet connected profile pictures. Let’s look at some ideas to match your profile picture with your duo.

How to find good matching profile pictures for you and your duo

There are a number of places to get inspiration from, including your favorite pieces of pop culture including video games, movies, anime, cartoons and more. For gamers, perhaps iconic duos from the gaming space like the classic duos of Mario and Luigi, or Link and Zelda, or something more modern like Sans and Papyrus from Undertale, or Cuphead and Mugman.

You can also pick characters that often go together like Pharah and Mercy from Overwatch. If you’re playing with a partner, there are several video game couples out there like Xayah and Rakan from League of Legends, Fuse and Bloodhound from Apex Legends or Raze and Killjoy from Valorant. If you want to go the yin-yang approach, you’ll find many duos like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter or Kiryu Kazuma and Goro Majima from Yakuza. You can take some screenshots from the games or artwork made available by the developers.

There are many iconic duos in the gaming space to pick matching profile Pictures for you and your duo from.

If a game you’re playing involves character creation or selection, you can use in-game screenshots of you and your duo.

You can take in-game screenshots of you and your duo.


You can also use other sources of media like anime, movies, series to find your iconic duo.

Pick something you and your friend or partner are a fan of. It can also be something generic like matching pictures of ghosts or cats, or you can also look to memes for some inspiration. 

Fan art inspired by popular culture is a complex and controversial issue. Most fan art is covered under the ‘fair use’ clause in many countries as long as you’re not making money off of it. Even if you are not making money, if the fan art interferes with the ability of the copyright owner to make money off the work, this is also a problem. To avoid such issues, it is a good idea to get consent from the original artist before using their work as profile pictures or commission the artists to create something unique for you.

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