The M4 platform offers very high customization in Escape from Tarkov. Here’s a good budget build for new players using the M4.


Best M4 Build in Escape from Tarkov

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The M4 platform offers very high customization in Escape from Tarkov.
Here’s a good budget build for new players using the M4.

Battlestate Games released the patch notes for Escape from Tarkov 0.13 update and this went live on 28th December. It is one of the biggest patches in the game and has brought forth the much-awaited Streets of Tarkov map, new weapons, shooting range upgrade levels, and the start of the new wipe. All your gear and progress in the game will be reset and you will have to start afresh. The Colt M4 A1 is a highly-adaptable weapons platform that can be customized into different configurations. In Escape from Tarkov, the M4 platform offers very high customization that players love. As you start your progress in the game again, here’s a good M4 loadout you can run in the game.

The following build is a guaranteed best-budget build where you get value for your money spent.

Best M4 loadout in Escape from Tarkov

Just like the AK74 and its variants, the M4 is also a comparatively cheap and cost-effective weapon that can come in handy at every stage of the game. When you use the right vital parts, functional mods, and attachments on the M4, it can work like magic, even if you are just a beginner. 

You can click on the M4 in your inventory and go to “Weapon Modding” to choose your setups. 

Upper Receiver: AR-15 Vltor MUR-1S 5.56x45 

It is sold by Peacekeeper and weighs 0.246 kg with a grid size of 2x1. It has good performance statistics as it reduces recoil by 8% and gives you 8 ergonomics points. The other stats are as follows:

  • Durability Burn: -4%

  • Heat: -2.5%

  • Cooling: +2%

Barrel: AR-15 5.56x45 260mm 

  1. Gas block: GS-5B

  2. Muzzle: AR-15 Bulletec ST-6012 5.56x45 

This is a 260mm barrel for the AR-15 based weapons for 5.56x45 NATO ammo. It corresponds with the standard service M4 CQBR barrel. This barrel reduces recoil by 2% however you will have to trade your ergonomics points (7) and muzzle velocity (16.31) with this attachment. Additionally, it has good cooling and durability burn stats. 

  • Accuracy (MOA): 2.41

  • Durability Burn: -17%

  • Heat: +6%

  • Cooling: +9%

  • Muzzle velocity: -16.31

Handguard: AR-15 SAI 10 inch QD Rail handguard

This handguard brings in some good stats and allows you to use the AR-15 SAI JailBrake 5.56x45 muzzle device to add to your recoil control, accuracy and cooling, with the only loss being ergonomics points. 

Charging handle: AR-15 Radian Weapons Raptor charging handle

This charging handle comes in black and gray and the black one costs relatively cheaper than the other. This attachment gives you 3 ergonomics points. 

Stock: Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension buffer tube

This buffer tube has a distinctive scalloping and reduces friction with the stock. It improves recoil, ergonomics points, and velocity. The anodized red variant that is only obtainable via looting gives you better accuracy and muzzle velocity. 

You can add the KRISS Defiance DS150 stock (DS150) to the buffer tube. The DS150’s frame profile avoids snagging and shields the release latch to prevent accidental activation and includes a standard 0.30" thick rubber butt-pad. It reduces your recoil by 32% and improves ergonomics by 9. 

Pistol Grip: AR-15 Naroh Arms GRAL-S

This pistol grip gives you an additional 15 ergonomics points.

The other attachments that can be used on the M4 in Escape from Tarkov are as follows:

  • Sight: Aimpoint Micro H-2 reflex sight (Does not take away ergonomics) and you can pair it with the Aimpoint Micro Standard Mount (AMM). 

  • Tactical combo device: AN/PEQ-15 

  • Foregrip: Zenit RK-2 tactical foregrip with the Magpul M-LOK 4.1-inch rail (mount).

This M4 build will give you these stats finally:

  • Weight: 3.337 kg

  • Ergonomics: 72

  • Accuracy: 2.26 MOA

  • Sighting Range: 150

  • Vertical Recoil: 36

  • Horizontal Recoil: 99

  • Muzzle velocity: 811 m/s

  • Types of fire: Single fire, Full auto

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