Here are the best landing spots in Fortnite.


Best Landing Spots in Fortnite for Chapter 4 Season 1

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There are several points of interest on the map you can land on.
Depending on your playstyle, you can hot drop to take fights quickly or loot up and then look for fights.
Here are the best landing spots in Fortnite.

Fortnite, like other battle royales, has a number of random elements that influence the kind of resources you get which includes guns, ammo and health items. Finding the best landing spots in Fortnite can go a long way in helping you secure that victory royale. Depending on your playstyle you might want to hot drop and play safer. Here are some of the best landing spots in Fortnite for the current season.

The Citadel

The citadel is a huge location with lots of loot and is one of the best landing spots in Fortnite.

The Citadel is a sprawling location and offers something for both players who like to hot drop and play safe. There is plenty to loot in regular and Oathbound chests, several rooms to explore and tight corridors to fight in. The walled castle structure becomes a mini arena for players looking for some action. You can also fight the Ageless Champion for their Ex-Caliber Rifle.

Faulty Splits

Faulty Splits has a number of chests and you'll find Scrapknight Jules here.

The Faulty Splits is another great location to land in this chapter of Fortnite. This relatively small POI (Point of Interest) has so many regular chests to loot from along with Oathbound chests in the southeast of the town. You’ll also be able to find Scrapknight Jules in a store on the southside of Faulty Splits. She’ll sell you rare weapons like a Rocket Launcher.

Lonely Labs

Lonely Labs is a little more isolated, making it a great spot for safer landings.

Located on the north side of the map, Lonely Labs is a bit more spread out in terms of loot, so you can land and loot relatively safely before picking nearby fights. This is also a great spot to land and make your way towards the Brutal Bastion.

Shattered Slabs

You'll find Kinetic Ore in Shattered Slabs.

Shattered slabs is a large POI on the west of the map, at the bottom of the autumnal biome. It’s a great place for some action, you’ll find several players landing here for the Kinetic Ore to travel quickly around the map. You can also use the underground tunnels to sneak around and attack unsuspecting enemies. 

Frenzy Fields

Frenzy Fields is great for snipers.

Located on the south side of the map, Frenzy Fields is a relatively open POI with small buildings and serves as a great location for snipers. There are a number of dirt bikes around along with plenty of loot and an upgrade bench.

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