Best Custom Maps to Train Your Aim in Overwatch 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Best Overwatch 2 Custom Maps to Train Your Aim.</p></div>
Best Overwatch 2 Custom Maps to Train Your Aim.


Like other FPS titles, players need to master aiming to excel at Overwatch 2.
Here are some custom training scenarios you can use to improve your aim in the game.

Aiming is a crucial mechanic to learn in FPS (First Person Shooter) games like Overwatch 2. Most heroes in Overwatch 2 require players to master skills like aiming. Many abilities in the game are ranged, classified as either hitscan or projectile. Hitscan abilities count as instant hits while projectile weapons have a certain speed and travel time. If you’re looking to improve your aim, Overwatch 2 has ways for you to set up some custom maps to help you with this.

Best aim trainer custom maps in Overwatch 2

Here are some custom maps players can choose from to improve their aim in Overwatch 2. These will help you practice different aspects of aiming. 

Aim training and warm up


This custom workshop map can be used to practice basic aim training and warm up before you get into playing ranked. Use this to finesse tracking unexpected enemy movements and connect your shots on heroes with smaller hitboxes. You can set the difficulty in terms of bot movement and how much they will heal/shield etc.  

Vertical aim training

Vertical aim training custom map in Overwatch 2.


Code: 6CJXR1

Overwatch 2 has several heroes like Echo and Pharah that play from high ground. Heroes like Junkrat and and others can use abilities to get vertical distance. This custom training room will help you train your aim against targets going vertically. 

Match scenario aim training


This Junkertown based training map will help you test out your aim in a match-like scenario with several zones letting you test out different positioning with bots that fight back. This mode also simulates battles with enemy snipers like Hanzo and Ashe. 

How to use these training room codes in Overwatch 2

Here is how you can use these codes to create custom rooms for training in Overwatch 2. 

1. Open the game and click on ‘Play’. Navigate to ‘Custom Games’ and select the ‘Create’ option on the top right corner.

Use the Custom Games option to create a custom lobby in Overwatch 2.


2. Go to ‘Settings’ from here and select the ‘Import Code’ option.

Set up the custom training map by typing in the relevant code.


3. When prompted, type in the specific training scenario code you want to try out.

4. Once loaded, go back to the previous menu and start your custom game.

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