Best Custom Game Codes for Overwatch 2 Aim Training and Practice

More improvement or daily warm up, we got you covered.

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Best Custom Game Codes For Overwatch 2 Aim Training And Practice


Apart from competitive and regular gameplay, Overwatch 2 has lots of community-made game modes to offer.
These community-made maps are listed under Custom Games and some of them can be used for aim training in Overwatch 2.
Here are some of the best game codes for custom lobbies to train and improve aim in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced competitive shooter with loads of abilities which makes gameplay really chaotic and unpredictable. Along with movement, players are required to have an exceptional aim in order to excel at the title.

Unlike most shooters, aim in Overwatch 2 is multidimensional in the sense that players are required to shoot every which way possible and need to react quickly. This is because all characters have different movement speeds and abilities due to which they can come up close, fly really high, climb obstacles, or go really far in an instant.

Players definitely require plenty of aim training and regular practice to get better at picking off opponents and here are some custom game codes that can help you master the art of aiming in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Aim Training and Practie: Best Custom Game Codes

The developers of Overwatch 2 have allowed community members to create their own custom games that could be used for literally anything from having fun, doing speed runs, practicing different aspects of the game, or just goofing around.

There are a whole set of custom games dedicated to practicing and training the aim, be it the basics or anything advanced, here are some of the best servers for you to practice as per your requirements.

Overwatch 2 Basic Aim Training Game Codes

Basic training is what everyone should start with as it gives them a proper feel of the overall game and how every hero moves. This gives a good practice to your overall aiming and helps you develop your own style or technique.

From heroes that fly, glide, surf, jump, roll, and all other possible type of movements, this aim training should cover all that up and set your up for what a real game will throw at you.


  • CT04V

These are the two custom game codes that are best suited for basic aim training in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Vertical Aim Training Game Codes

Players coming from other shooters may or may not be used to a lot of vertical fighting and hence it is necessary to train your aim in this regards as well.

There are a lot of heroes that fly and zip around the map, so it becomes a necessity to quickly aim up and down, otherwise, you will not survive for too long.

The vertical aim training is exactly suited to train a player for this type of combat which is an important aspect of the game.

  • 6CJXR1

This is the custom game code which is best suited for vertical aim training in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Advanced Aim Training Game Codes

Once you are done with the basics and other aspects of building a good fundamental aim for Overwatch 2, this will help you polish your aim properly in a full-fledged match on Junker Town.

You will be put to the ultimate test against some of the toughest and most ruthless bots. Aiming down supports on the backline while dealing with the tanks, switching positions at the right time, landing those crucial shots, everything will be tested and refined.


This is the custom game code which is best suited for advanced aim training in Overwatch 2.

How to use custom game codes in Overwatch 2 for aim training?

It is no rocket science and in fact pretty straightforward. For those new to the game or completely oblivious to anything other than competitive, here is how you can practice and train your aim in Overwatch 2 using custom game codes.

  1. Launch the game and hit 'Play' present on the main menu itself.

  2. Now, click on 'Custom Games' and you will observe a public server list pop up in front of you.

  3. Above this list of servers, click on the 'Create' button present on the right side.

  4. For the final step, you will have to click the 'Import Code' button on the right side.

  5. All you have to do now is copy and paste one of the custom game codes for aim training shared above, hop in the game, and enjoy.

Overwatch 2 Aim Training Custom Game Codes

A thing to note here is that as these are hosted on public servers there might be times when they are not available. Also, if the owner decides to take down any particular server then the custom game code associated with it would also stop working.

Apart from this, each and every lobby has a limited amount of slots and due to its popularity, they might be full at times, which could restrict you from entering. In such a case you can opt to wait for some time or simply go for any other aim training lobby.

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