Axie Infinity: Origin Neutral Runes and Charms Revealed


Axie Infinity: Origin Neutral Runes and Charms Revealed

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Sky Mavis revealed the Neutral Runes and Charms coming in the Axie Origin update.
The neutral class can be attached to any type of Axies and will provide various bonus effects.
More Runes and Charms will be revealed in the coming days.

With the Axie Infinity: Origin update on the horizon, Sky Mavis, the developer behind the popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game, has revealed the Neutral Runes and Charms that will be added to the game. These new power-ups shall add new customization options for players based on their playstyle. Each Axie can only equip one Rune which enhances its parts and abilities. Up to six charms can be equipped for each Axie to match its six abilities. For now, the developers have only revealed the Axie Origin Neutral Runes and Charms with plans to reveal more in the coming days leading up to the major update on 7th April.

Neutral Runes

The Axie Origin Neutral Runes are special enhancements to a player’s Axie. These runes serve as an extra passive buff with unique effects. However, only one rune may be active per team and only one rune can be attached per Axie.

A class bonus will also be applied to an Axie which can amplify its base stats if the runes are attached to the right class. However, Sky Mavis is yet to reveal other Rune classes aside from the Neutral class.

Neutral Runes

Neutral Charms

Unlike Runes, an Axie can have up to six Charms, one for each of its abilities. These Axie Origin Charms have three rarities; Rare, Epic, and Mythic, and can enhance an Axie part and ability. For now, Sky Mavis has revealed the Neutral Charms and plans on revealing more in the upcoming days.

Rare and Epic Grade Neutral Charms

Sky Mavis plans to add more Runes and Charms in the future. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates regarding the content featured in the upcoming Axie Origin update.

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