Axie Infinity: Origin Bird Runes and Charms Revealed


Axie Infinity: Origin Bird Runes and Charms Revealed

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Sky Mavis revealed the Bird Runes and Charms that will be released in the upcoming Axie Origin update.
The Bird Type Runes and Charms will provide bonus Attack, Shield, or Healing power to Axies of the same type.
The Axie Origin update is scheduled to be released on 7th April.

With the Axie Infinity: Origin update on the horizon, Sky Mavis, the developer behind the popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game, shall be soon adding Runes and Charms for Bird-type Axies in the game. These new power-ups shall add new customization options for players, based on their playstyles. Each Axie can only equip one Rune which enhances its parts and abilities. Up to six Charms can be equipped for each Axie to match its six abilities. These Axie Origin Bird Runes and Charms were revealed during the official livestream in preparation for the upcoming patch update on 7th April.

Bird Runes

These runes can only be attached to Bird type Axies, unlike the Neutral types that can be equipped on any type of Axies in the game.

The Axie Origin Bird Runes are special enhancements to a player’s Axie. These runes serve as an extra passive buff with unique effects. Equipping the rune to the right type of Axie will also amplify its Attack, Heal, or Shield.

Bird Runes Preview

Bird Charms

Unlike Runes, an Axie can have up to six Charms, one for each of its abilities. For now, Sky Mavis has revealed eight Bird Charms.

Bird Charms Preview

According to the developers, more Runes and Charms will be added along with additional customization and a burning mechanism that will require SLP and other in-game resources. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates regarding the content featured in the upcoming Axie Origin update.

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