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Arcane Season 2 Release Date: What We Know so Far

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Arcane Season 2 is already in production with Riot Games releasing a teaser for the next chapter of its first-ever TV series.
Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent tweeted that the show will not be releasing in 2022.
Laurent revealed that Season 1 took six year of production but fans can expect a much faster release window for the next season.

Arcane Season 1 Acts 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix and after Riot Games concluded the first season with a cliffhanger, fans are wondering if the show will get a second season. Arcane Season 2 has already been planned and unlike the first season which took six years of production, the next season of the TV series will come sooner than you think.

Will there be a second season of Arcane?

Riot Games put out an official teaser for Arcane Season 2 earlier today which confirms that there will be a second season of the show.

What to expect from Arcane Season 2

League of Legends fans already know the fate of most characters in Arcane based on the present-day lore but there are some foreshadowing moments that you may have missed in Arcane Season 1.

Spoiler warning: There are major spoilers for the first season of the show.

Vander, the father figure of Vi and Jinx, seems to be alive. It was foreshadowed that Vander is in fact Warwick and the final moments of the first season hinted at it. Singed, the doctor who saved Jinx's life in Episode 9 seems to be experimenting with Vander's body and may be responsible for turning him into the werewolf-like LoL champion Warwick.

Vander/Warwick - Arcane

Singed is not only responsible for creating Jinx and Warwick but he also accidentally created Twitch. The rat from the first episode of Arcane Season 1 is very likely to be transformed into League of Legends champion Twitch, after being exposed to the drug Shimmer.

Twitch might make its debut in Season2.

Arcane Season 2 will also highlight the development of Ekko. We saw Heimerdinger finally take responsibility for the undercity and attempt to connect with its people. He runs into Ekko and in the final moments of the show, it looks like he teaches Ekko how to build the Z-Drive. Ekko is a League champion with the ability to turn back time and it was foreshadowed during his fight with Jinx.

Viktor will slowly turn into the present-day cyborg-like being we all know. He is an antihero in League of Legends but he was shown to be pure of heart in Season 1. He accidentally killed Sky and regrets his decision to experiment with the Hexcore. But his allegiance lies with Zaun and he may take up arms with his newfound Void powers if the undercity is attacked.

Viktor might become the antihero of Season2

Finally, the turmoil between Piltover and Zaun will continue with Jinx firing a rocket straight at the Piltover Council. After Jayce Talis brokered peace with Silco in Season 1, Jinx went into a frenzy and let loose her Hextech-powered Fishbones rocket launcher. We can see Mel Medarda's face as she stares at imminent death in the very final moments of Episode 9.

It is unknown if Mel will survive the explosion but the council is not going to be happy about the attack. Following Silco's death, a new kingpin will rise in Zaun and it is unknown who that will be. On one side we have Ekko trying to give Zaun's people hope while Silco's second-hand Sevika might be the one who takes control of the undercity.

Arcane Season 2 Release Date

Riot Games has confirmed that Arcane Season 2 is in production but there is no release date yet. Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent revealed on Twitter that Season 1 took six years to produce. He confirmed that fans will not have to not wait that long for the next season but Arcane Season 2's release date is not going to fall in 2022.

Arcane Season 2 is in production and fans will have to wait for the official release date once it gets closer to its premier. The upcoming season will continue to focus on Piltover and Zaun but Mel Medarda's mother has created a connection with Noxus and we may get a glimpse of the war-mongering nation next season as the Medarda family seems to be in danger.

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