Here is how to time med kits perfectly for the zone in Apex Legends


Apex Legends Streamer Shows How to Time Med Kits Perfectly for Zone

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For Season 14, Apex Legends developers buffed the ring damage.
Apex Legends streamer Nokokopuffs shows how to time med kits perfectly for zone for the new changes.

Apex Legends Season 14’s changes to the Ring have made the game slightly harder for players. Ring one’s damage has been increased to the equivalent of Ring two, and it starts closing after 60 seconds rather than earlier 180 second timer. While it does close a little slower, the extra damage and drastically reduced time before shrinking is forcing players to pop health kits and syringes more often than before. With the new ring changes in Season 14, Apex streamer Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano showed players how to time med kits perfectly for zone. His way ensures you cover more ground and don't waste meds while getting out of the storm.

Noko shows players how to time med kits perfectly while escaping the storm

As of now the damage taken from the first two rings is the same. Noko notes that you if you use your med kit when you have one tick health less than your first full shield bar, you’ll be able to time it just right so you’ll be back at full health before the last tick of damage downs you. Make sure your legend starts the med kit animation before two ticks of your first full shield bar.

With a damage tick per 1.5 seconds and a fall of 3 hp/tick, one full shield bar of 25 health will take 8.33 ticks to consume. So if timed just right, you can fully utilise your health kits. This applies to both Ring 1 and Ring 2. The Apex Legends developers have buffed ring damage for Season 14. Ring 1’s damage has been increased from 2 to 3 hp/tick (equivalent to Ring 2). The Ring 1 preshrink time has also been drastically reduced from 180 seconds to 60 seconds. However, the Ring 1 closing time has been increased:

  • Kings Canyon - 4:10 -> 4:32

  • World’s Edge - 3:42 -> 4:32

  • Storm Point - 4:15 -> 4:35

  • Olympus - 4:10 -> 4:32

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