Apex Legends Season 21 Release Date: New Legend Alter, New Battle Pass and More

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Apex Legends Season 21 Release Date: New Legend Alter, New Battle Pass and More



Apex Legends Season 21 is approaching soon and Respawn Entertainment has already started teasing the game's next legend 'Alter'.
Alter has the ability to loot death boxes remotely and can offer allies enhanced mobility and support.

We are currently in Apex Legends Season 20 and are still a few weeks away from Season 21's release but Respawn Entertainment has already started teasing the upcoming legend. Alter, the upcoming Legend in Apex Legends, is rumored to be a master of void manipulation with a kit focused on mobility and team support. Her Ultimate is somewhat similar to Revenant's old Death Totem ultimate and is surely going to ruffle some feathers due to its ability to "cheat death" if you use it right.

Apex Legends Season 21: Alter Abilities

Passive: Gift from the Rift

  • Allows Alter to remotely loot deathboxes for items (except armor)

Tactical: Void Passage

  • Creates a portal through solid surfaces, enabling quick rotations and flanking maneuvers

Ultimate: Void Nexus

  • Creates a temporary anchor point. Teammates can then activate it remotely to teleport back to that location.

These abilities, if implemented as leaked, would make Alter a highly versatile Legend. Her passive grants extra loot opportunities, while her tactical and ultimate offer strong repositioning tools for both herself and her squad.

It's important to remember that the above information is based on datamined content and Alter's kit may be subject to change during her official release.

New Cosmetic Content: A brand-new battle pass and Collection Events are expected to make a return. Respawn Entertainment has also been actively pursuing collaboration opportunities with other brands and we might see something similar to the recent Final Fantasy event in Season 21.

Map Changes: The strange green portal hovering above Storm Point might be a clue for map alterations in Season 21. Additionally, leaks hint at a "Broken Moon" map update, though its release might be pushed back to Season 22.

Permanent Game Modes: Some leaks suggest the introduction of permanent Solos and Quads options alongside the existing Ranked and Arenas modes. This would be a significant change to the core gameplay experience.

Perk System Adjustments: The perk system introduced in Season 20 might see refinements or even a complete overhaul in Season 21.

Balance Changes: As with every season, expect character balance adjustments to address the current meta. Legends like Seer and Lifeline might see nerfs, while others could receive buffs.

Apex Legends Season 21: Release Date

The official release date for Apex Legends Season 21 hasn't been announced by Respawn Entertainment yet. However, based on the in-game battle pass timer, Season 20 is expected to end on 6th May 2024. Following the usual pattern, Season 21 should launch on 6th May.

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