Apex Legends Season 19: Best Weapons

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Apex Legends Season 19: Best Weapons


Apex Legends Season 19 has a brand-new weapon meta thanks to the departure of Wingman and the introduction of Volt to the crafter.
The Prowler is arguably the best red-tier weapon right now thanks to its incredibly high burst damage.
The Alternator is also seeing a lot of use because of Disruptor Rounds.

Apex Legends Season 19 is underway and the return of Disruptor Rounds has left a massive impact on the weapon meta. Alternator went from being a mediocre SMG to one of the best weapons in the game right now. Nemesis’ popularity has dropped significantly as the weapon is no longer a part of the ground loot pool. If you are wondering what the best weapons are this season, here are the top weapons in the Apex Legends Season 18 meta.

What are the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 18

Here are all of the weapons in Apex Legends Season 18 sorted by their current tiers:

Prowler Burst PDW

Despite being a burst-fire weapon, the Prowler is still a great gun if you want to hipfire. Also, the time between bursts is much lower than that of the Hemlok, making it a great choice for a burst fire gun. Thanks to it being in the care package, it got a massive damage bump which makes it the best weapon in the game right now.


There is no weapon in the game that can turn the tides of a fight like the Kraber does. It can deal lethal damage and even its body shots that deal 140 damage are strong enough to strike fear in your enemies’ hearts. If you are precise with the weapon, it is a no-brainer pick.

Volt SMG

The Volt SMG has been taken out of the replicator this season and has regained popularity among players. While it is not as hard-hitting as its former self in terms of damage, the Volt continues to have a high fire rate, predictable recoil, and is really good as a hipfire weapon.


Ever since its release, the Nemesis is considered one of the top weapons in the meta. Thanks to its high damage bursts, players with good aim can kill enemies with just two or three clicks as long as you get a few headshots in.

Bocek Bow

The dreaded bow is now a care package weapon and it is a force to be reckoned with. It is capable of killing most enemies with just three body shots (210 total damage). The weapon can take time to get used to as there is no other bow-class weapon in the game, but once you get adjusted to its bullet drop, you can dominate lobbies with the weapon.


The Peacekeeper is a great choice among the many shotguns in Apex Legends. Its high damage makes it devastating at a close range. The total of 9 pellets per shot, combined with the headshot multiplier means you can two-shot almost any player in the game. With the ability to use Disruptor Rounds this season, the Peacekeeper can one-tap even red shields if you land an accurate hit.

VK-47 Flatline

The Flatline is not only one of the better assault rifles in the game but is also currently one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. Despite a slightly lower DPS, the gun’s recoil and range make it a versatile weapon. With the R301 being nerfed recently, the VK-47 Flatline is the go-to AR for most players.

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