Best Legends in Apex Legends in Season 19 (2024)


Best Legends in Apex Legends in Season 19 (2024)

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Apex Legends' universe players 25 unique characters, making the choice of who to play even more exciting.
If you're wondering who the best Legends are in Apex Legends' Season 19, check out our list of top legends to play below.

You're not alone if you're sitting there wondering who the best legend is in Apex Legends' Season 19. The game's expanding universe now includes 25 unique characters, and the constantly changing meta and new additions to the roster keep complicating things further. 

If you're looking to improve your play and climb the competitive ladder, here are the best Legends in Apex Legends that can help you dominate your ranked games this season. 

Top 5 Best Legends in Apex Legends for Season 19

With Apex Legends' Season 19 in full swing, the meta has completely transformed. Many legends have seen a few balance changes with the arrival of Season 19 Ignite. We've seen characters such as Catalyst and Bangalore, who've been dominant in the previous seasons, being balanced to fit better into the game.

A few Legends, such as Newcastle and Vantage, have also been buffed. If you're wondering who are the best Legends to play this season, here's a list of all the top characters for the current season in Apex Legends –

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends 

5. Revenant

Revenant is a good movement Legend who can relentlessly track and hunt down vulnerable enemies. He is extremely effective in vertical maps by using Assassin's Instinct to get high and flank your enemy. Shadow Pounce allows him to charge towards an enemy and make aggressive plays. Revenant's Ultimate, Forged Shadows, allows him to be a tank by absorbing damage. 

4. Bangalore 

Although Bangalore has simple abilities, she's still effective. Rolling Thunder can be used offensively and defensively. Her passive also allows for getting out of tricky situations or pushing against an enemy. Bangalore's smoke ability is one of the game's most versatile ones, just like her Ultimate. The nerfs she received this season haven't reduced her pick rates. 

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder still serves as a great movement and rotational character in the current meta. His ultimate is one of the best ones to rotate your team into or out of a battle. Being in skirmisher class allows him to scan care packages and reset the ultimate. With his kit, your team can have very consistent ziplines to travel around the map.

2. Conduit 

Conduit is a brand-new legend for Season 19. Her tactical, radiant transfer provides temporary shields to your teammates, which allows her to play a crucial role in intense battles. Conduit's Ultimate Energy barricade is an excellent way to lock down an area to defend your team or to trap your opponents and deny them from pushing. She's one of the most promising legends this season.

1. Horizon

Ever since her introduction, Horizon has been the best Legend to choose in the game. Her gravity-based powers allow her to move efficiently, making her a strong offensive and defensive character. If you can get familiar with her abilities and make use of them at the right time, Horizon can be incredibly rewarding.

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