A player shows you how to block players using gravity cannons with Valkyrie. 


Apex Legends Player Shows How to Block Players on Gravity Cannons

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Gravity cannons are a great way to get around the massive Storm Point map or make a quick escape.
There are ways to stop enemies making a quick getaway using the cannons.

Gravity cannons can be found on the Storm Point map and are a great way of traversing long distances. They are great for making a quick getaway or baiting enemies into a trap since you have full control of weapons, grenades, tactical abilities, and ultimates. However, they are also extremely loud and have an attention-grabbing launch animation, announcing your presence to nearby enemies. If you’re in pursuit of enemies, stopping them from escaping using a gravity cannon is important. There are a few ways you can stop enemies from using a gravity cannon, like Ash’s arc snare which tethers enemies. One player found out how to block players using gravity cannons with Valkyrie.

How to block players using gravity cannons

Reddit user freethebes used the fact that legend character models don’t pass through each other and the player used Valkyrie’s VTOL jets to stop an enemy escaping with the gravity cannon at Thunder Watch. As the enemy player was trying to make their escape with the cannon, freethebes flew up directly in their path, essentially body blocking them and ended the fight with a kill.

Despite being body blocked by Valkyrie, the enemy player kept their momentum from the cannon and was launched high in the sky vertically. With that it was easy for Valkyrie to shoot straight up and secure the kill. One user commented “good luck looting that box”, since players cannot simply stand on the launch base of the gravity cannon, another was quick to come up with a solution, “Loba knows no limitations”.

While Valkyrie’s VTOL jets let players control their position with more accuracy, a similar thing can be done with Horizon’s Gravity Lift and Octane’s Launch Pad. However, pulling this off with either Horizon or Octane would be a feat in itself.

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