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Apex Legends Next Heirloom: How to Unlock Crypto’s Heirloom in Season 12

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Season 12 is set to introduce Crypto’s heirloom in an upcoming Collection event.
A Korean ‘jikdo’ knife was datamined and it is likely to become his signature melee weapon.
Players can obtain the heirloom by collecting all Collection event cosmetics or by spending heirloom shards that may have been obtained from opening Apex packs.

Apex Legends Season 12 is finally here and Crypto is expected to get his much-awaited heirloom. Despite releasing in Season 3, the legend has not received his signature melee weapon in almost two years. With Respawn reworking his kit earlier this season, he is in a much better spot in the meta right now. Collection events take place close to the mid-season split and Season 12’s event is expected to go live in early April, when Olympus goes out of the map rotation for ranked play.

How to get the next Apex Legends Heirloom

Crypto is expected to receive a Korean ‘jikdo’ knife as his heirloom which pays tribute to his South Korean roots. The heirloom will set you back by around $160 USD which includes 24 Collection event cosmetics as well, of which 12 of them will be Legendary tier and the rest will be Epics.

There are two ways to unlock Heirlooms in Apex Legends currently. Unless Respawn changes how heirloom unlocks work, there should be a 'Collections' event similar to other legends, which will allow you to purchase it by unlocking all event items. Alternatively, you may be able to get his heirloom with 150 heirloom shards after the event ends. Here are some quick numbers to help you decide if the heirloom is worth your money or not:

  • Cost of 24 Apex Event Packs (guaranteed heirloom): 16,800 Apex Coins

  • Cost of two special bundles: 7,500 Apex Coins

  • Special Bundles + Additional Packs: 15,900 Apex Coins

  • EA Play Subscription: 10% Discount on Apex Coins

  • For each Epic or Legendary you craft using crafting materials, you will have to purchase one less event pack.

The cheapest way to get the bundle is to craft as many Epic items as possible and then purchase the remaining packs depending on how many items you need. The special bundles include one skin each and cost a total of 7,500 Apex coins which lets you save a total of 900 Apex Coins. Getting an EA Play subscription will allow you to get a 10% discount on your coin purchases which can significantly bring down the cost of getting the heirloom.

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