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Apex Legends' New Hardcore Royale Game Mode Explained

Abhimannu Das
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The new Hardcore Royale game mode takes the difficulty of Apex Legends and cranks it up to eleven.
The new game mode will have disabled HUD elements, no EVO shields and enhanced ring damage.
The mode will be available in February alongside the upcoming Sunrise Collection Event.

Hardcore Royale Mode in Apex Legends is a new limited-time game mode that adds a twist to the traditional battle royale experience. The mode will be available during the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event in the first week of February. 

One of the features of Apex Legends that has been met with mixed reactions from players is the game’s limited-time modes (LTMs). These LTMs are special events that offer players a unique twist on the traditional battle royale gameplay and are typically only available for a limited time. However, many players have complained that these LTMs lack innovation and fail to offer a truly exciting experience.

This is why the upcoming introduction of Hardcore Royale is being met with excitement among the Apex Legends community. The premise of the mode is promising and has elements that could intrigue veterans of the game.

What to expect from Hardcore Royale?

The rulesets of the Hardcore Royale game mode are as follows: 

HUD elements disabled: Players will have less information to work with and the ping system is being taken out of the new game mode. You have to rely on your communication skills and awareness to deal with other players. 

No EVO Armor: EVO Armor, which is one of the most unique aspects of Apex Legends, is being taken out during the LTM. You will not be able to upgrade your armor via damage and players will be locked with a White EVO shield and no Helmet. Armor swapping will also be disabled so you need to rely on healing items and cover to survive extended fights.

Enhanced Ring Damage: The ring does maximum damage (final round damage) right from the get-go. You will die in a couple of seconds if you take ring damage so players will need to position themselves carefully if they do not want to be caught out by “zone campers.” 

The game mode is a variation of the Elite Mode and turns Apex Legends into a much more difficult game. It will be a limited-time mode that will be live alongside the Sunrise Collection Event in February. 

Snipers will be lethal in the new game mode as players will not have access to helmets. If you get a Kraber or Bocek Bow, enemies are going to drop like flies so keep an eye out on the care packages. In addition to the new LTM, the Sunrise event will also introduce new skins and recolors of older cosmetics which can be crafted or purchased to unlock an Heirloom.

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