Apex Legends Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room


How to Fix: Apex Legends Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room

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The Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room bug is causing Apex Legends players to crash constantly.
Respawn Entertainment is working on a fix and a hotfix should go live by 20th January.
Players experiencing the issue should try disabling any overclocks they have on their system and update their operating system and graphics drivers.

Apex Legends just received its Spellbound Collection Event but with it came a few frustrating bugs that are preventing players from accessing the game. After Respawn Entertainment addressed the recent server crashes, there is a new error doing the rounds which is a variant of “Engine Error.” The new “ Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room” message is showing up and crashing the game for countless Apex Legends players. Some players are even crashing 2-3 times per game and in some cases, they are unable to reconnect.

Respawn is working on a fix for Apex Legends’ Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room

Respawn said that it is hopeful about deploying a fix in a day. The official Respawn Entertainment account posted on Twitter, “The team is currently working through an issue where players are encountering a pop-up reading "Engine Error - UI Images Ran Out of Room.“ We're hopeful that we'll have some sort of resolution for this in the morning and will check back in here with more info then.”

The UI Images Ran Out of Room is NOT the only variant of the Engine error. If you are facing any of the three following error codes, there are fixes already available for you to try out: 

  • Engine Error 0X887A0006 – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

  • Engine Error CreateTexture2D

  • Engine Error CreateShaderResourceView

Disable XMP and Overclocks

If you have tried all common solutions already then you should try disabling Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) on your RAM. While the feature is meant to give you a performance boost by overclocking your computer’s memory (RAM), Apex Legends can run into issues. You will need to look for solutions on how to disable XMP for your specific motherboard as the user interface and settings menus can vary drastically for different motherboards.

  1. In the Windows search bar, type in 'cmd' and hit enter.

  2. In Command Prompt, type in “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer.”

  3. The name of your motherboard will be displayed.

If you have a factory overclocked graphics card or if you manually overclocked your processor or graphics card, you need to disable it and that should resolve the Apex Legends engine error.

Repairing game files updating your drivers can also help fix the issue. Check out our guide here in case you are facing other variants of the Engine error. The UI Images error should be fixed shortly by Respawn Entertainment via a hotfix so do remember to update your game once a patch goes live. 

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