Players have the chance to earn up to 15 cosmetics via the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops  by simply watching Apex Legends streams on Twitch.


Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops 2022: How to Get Free Skins, Gun Charms & More

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Players have the chance to earn up to 15 cosmetics by simply watching Apex Legends streams on Twitch.
Respawn Entertainment has enabled drops for five days to celebrate the holiday season.

It is the holiday season and let’s be honest, we all like gifts. Keeping the festive spirit in mind, game developers are giving away free goodies to players in the form of rewards, drops, and Christmas-themed limited-time modes (LTMs). Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA) are celebrating the holidays with the Apex Legends community in a fun way. The developers announced that they shall be enabling drops category-wise on Twitch and anyone streaming Apex Legends on Twitch will have these drops enabled. All fans have to do is watch these streams to claim the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops.

Five-Day Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops

On 22nd December, Apex Legends wrote, “If you missed out on any of these Twitch Drops, you’re in luck! We’re bringing back some fan favorites for the holidays. Tune in each day next week to unlock them.

Between 26th December and 30th December, fans will have the opportunity to earn the Apex Legends Twitch drops by popping into streams. 

Here’s a list of the free skins, gun charms and other cosmetics you will get on the following days:

1-Hour watchtime rewards - Loading screens

  • 26th December: Noxlotl Loading Screen 

  • 27th December: Kazama Loading Screen

  • 28th December: Zonotaida Loading Screen

  • 29th December: Heiro Loading Screen 

  • 30th December: Iwamoto Loading Screen 

Two-Hour watchtime rewards - Gun charms and Holosprays

  • 26th December: Iced Out” Gun Charm

  • 27th December: “Winners Are Grinners” Holospray

  • 28th December: “Giggle Guard” Gun Charm 

  • 29th December:  “I Am Beautiful” Holospray 

  • 30th December: “Packaged” Gun Charm 

Three-Hour watchtime rewards - Weapon and legend skins

  • 26th December: “Aura of Vengeance” Revenant Character Skin

  • 27th December: “Cult Classic” Devotion Weapon Skin

  • 28th December: “Ocean's Spear” Bangalore Character Skin

  • 29th December: “Tribal Glyph” RE-45 Weapon Skin

  • 30th December: “Singularity” Bloodhound Character Skin

How to claim Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops

The first thing you need to do is to link your Twitch and Electronic Arts accounts before watching any of your favorite Apex streamers. Also ensure that your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online Account, or PlayStation Network ID is linked to your EA Account. “Once your account is set up, sign into your Twitch account and watch the folks we’ve designated as flagged for drops each week. Be sure to follow our official Twitter account to find out who to tune-in to week to week,” added the developers.

Once you’ve watched a stream enough hours to earn the reward, go to ‘Drops and Rewards’ on Twitch and claim them.

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