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Apex Legends 4th Anniversary: Events, Giveaways, Drops, & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Apex Legends is celebrating its 4th year anniversary.
The developers have planned the 4th year celebrations meticulously for players to enjoy and reap rewards.
Here’s everything you need to know about the celebration.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will be celebrating Apex Legends’ fourth-year anniversary alongside the launch of Season 16 - Revelry. As the name suggests, this event is all about lively and noisy festivities and coming together to celebrate the hero shooter. Season 16 Revelry is bringing forth a ton of changes to Apex Legends including the Nemesis energy assault rifle, a class system overhaul, 6 vs 6 Team Deathmatch option, among many others. Apex Legends stated that there will be multiple weeks of non-stop action starting 14th February, the launch of Revelry and Apex Legends’ 4th anniversary celebration event.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends 4th Anniversary celebration.

Apex Legends 4th Anniversary Celebration event

Apex Legends players will be treated to a wide lineup of special events starting from 14th February and will be able to get their hands on free drops and rewards. On 12th February, the official Apex Legends Twitter handle wrote, “Mark your calendars, it's time to party! We're celebrating Apex Legend's 4th Anniversary with multiple weeks of non-stop action, from birthday cake to bamboozles, beginning Feb 14.

The celebrations include login rewards, Cake Day, Bamboozlethon, drops, Twitch Rivals, giveaways, and the Mixtape Mixer. Let us now see what each of these mean and what players can get by participating in them.

Here are all the Apex Legends 4th Anniversary celebration events.

Login Rewards: 14th February till 28th February

By logging into Apex Legends till 21st February, players can claim Crypto and a Thematic Pack. And if players log into the game between 21st February and 28th February, they will be rewarded with Ash and a Thematic Pack.

Drops: 14th February till 17th February

Players can get epic Twitch drops by watching any stream on Twitch playing Apex Legends with drops enabled. The drops are as follows:

  • Loading Screen (dropped after watching 1 hour)

  • Gun Charm (dropped after watching 2 hours)

  • Apex Pack (dropped after watching 3 hours)

Cake Day: 14th and 15th February

There is no news on the Cake Day celebration just yet. EA and Respawn Entertainment have asked players to keep an eye out on the Apex social accounts for a “chance to get a free slice of cake!


According to Apex Legends, there will be four days of giveaways where players can enter and claim a Steam Deck for themselves and one of their friends, on the official Apex Twitter account.

Rivals: 17th February 

Fans will have the opportunity to watch several Apex Twitch streamers battle it out for their share of the $200,000 USD prize pool.


Apex Legends said the Bamboozlethon will have unexpected twists and fan-chosen challenges and experience these with SpicyCam and UrAvgConsumer. 

The Mixtape Mixer:

This is the Ultimate Outlands Mixer, filled with fan-favorite streamers facing different challenges in every mixtape match. 

With so many fun events in line in the coming weeks, players will have to clear their schedule to enjoy the Apex Legends 4th Anniversary celebration event to the maximum.

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