All You Need to Know About Striders in Minecraft

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is all you need to know about Striders in Minecraft.</p></div>
Here is all you need to know about Striders in Minecraft.


Striders are unique mobs that can traverse lava.
Here is all you need to know about Striders in Minecraft.

Striders are a relatively new, passive mob found in the Nether. They were introduced to the game in Minecraft update 1.16. They can walk or stride on lava and be ridden by the player. You can use a warped fungus on a stick to control a strider, similar to how you can direct pigs with a carrot on a stick. Here is all you need to know about Striders in Minecraft.

Where do Striders spawn in Minecraft?

Striders usually spawn deep in the nether biome at Y=31 or below. They spawn on lava in pairs or fours and sometimes spawn with Zombified piglins riding them carrying a warped fungus on a stick. Such striders spawn with saddles on them. If a zombified piglin is riding a strider, the strider will follow the player if you get the piglin’s aggro. They can be found in the following nether biomes:

  • Lava sea

  • Delta

  • Nether Wastes

  • Crimson Forest

  • Warped Forest

  • Soul Sand Valley

  • Basalt Deltas

Striders do not take lava damage, they can walk on top of lava without sinking, making them useful to traverse large distances across lava in the nether. You can move a strider to the overworld but you cannot ride them while transporting them through the portal. They take damage from water, rain and splash water bottles, which deals 1 (0.5 heart) damage per splash. If they fall into water, they slowly sink while taking damage. Adult striders drop 2–5 strings when killed. You can ride on an adult strider using a saddle and can attach leads to them. You can find warped fungi across the nether which when attached to a fishing rod will make the warped fungus on a stick.

You can make a warped fungus on a stick with a fishing rod and a fungus.

They walk slowly against the lava flow direction. You can mate two striders by giving them warped fungus. They will mate to produce baby striders. Adult striders have a cooldown of about 5 minutes before they can mate again.

Feed striders warped fungus to breed them.

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