Here is everything you need to know about souvenirs and weapon charms in Overwatch 2.


All You Need to Know about Souvenirs and Weapon Charms in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 has a number of additional cosmetics players can equip to personalize their characters.
You can unlock both souvenirs and weapon charms through either the battle pass or buying coins.
Here is all you need to know about these Collectibles in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 has added a number of cosmetics you can unlock to customize your heroes, including souvenirs and weapon charms. Souvenirs can be added to the emote slots with each hero having a specific animation that goes with displaying souvenirs. Weapon charms, as their name suggests, can be added to your hero weapons. None of these have any affect on the gameplay but just add a fun bit of character and customization to your hero. Here is everything you need to know about souvenirs and weapon charms in Overwatch 2.

Souvenirs and Weapon Charms in Overwatch 2

Since lootboxes have been removed from Overwatch, players can only get souvenirs by buying them with Overwatch coins or unlocking the free souvenirs by levelling up the battle pass. Certain souvenirs in the battle pass can only be unlocked by getting the premium version.

For the Season 1 battle pass, the Mechanical Brain Souvenir is unlocked at level 7, while the Pineapple Pizza is unlocked at level 23.

Souvenirs can unlocked in the battle pass or through Overwatch coins.

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After unlocking these you can equip them by going to the Collectibles option under each Hero. As previously mentioned, each souvenir can be equipped in the emote slot for individual heroes. Go to a particular hero, select Collectibles and then Souvenirs, here you’ll see all the unlockable souvenirs.

Souvenirs can equipped in the emote slot. 

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While in-game, hold down the (default) ‘C’ key to bring up the command wheel. While holding down C, hit right-click to access your emotes, then choose the Souvenir you want to display. Your character will then pose and show off the Souvenir you’ve equipped.

Heroes without clear 'weapons' equip the weapon charms 

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Overwatch 2 weapon charms are little trinkets that hang from your hero’s weapon in-game. These charms can also be unlocked through the battle pass or by buying them with Overwatch coins. You can equip them through the Collectibles tab for individual heroes. For heroes like Moira and Zenyatta, these charms are equipped on the characters’ wrists instead.

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