Here's all we know about Revenant Reborn and all his new abilities in Apex Legends


All Revenant Reborn Abilities in Apex Legends Season 18 Explained

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Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection is just around the corner, awaiting release on 8th August.
This season sees the mega rework of Revenant, completely changing the way his Legend kit works.
Here's all we know about Revenant Reborn and all his new abilities in Apex Legends

Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment revealed that Apex Legends would be getting a brand new version of Revenant, called "Revenant Reborn" in Season 18. Revenant Reborn will be boasting a new set of abilities in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection which is scheduled to go live on 8th August. Many leaks in the past suggested this Revenant rework was in the pipeline for quite some time and they have been proved correct.

Here's all we know about Revenant Reborn and his new set of abilities in Apex Legends Season 18.

Respawn Entertainment Reveals Revenant Reborn

On 31st July, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the new version of Revenant – Revenant Reborn – will release with Season 18 on 8th August. It wrote, "Darkness is creeping in... A shattered mind fills Revenant with even more rage in part two of Kill Code. Watch now!"

The developer also added that Revenant will remain unlocked for all players all season. Players will have to complete quests before the season end to unlock him permanently.

The look and the kit of the Legend will be completely changed.

Revenant has been reworked with a new set of abilities and here’s how Revenant Reborn's kit works now:

  • Assassin’s Instinct (Passive): Revenant now has improved wall climbing. He can crouch walk faster and now highlight low health enemies and hit enemies to everyone on the team. There is no max number of players that can be highlighted at once, but it does just highlight players who are nearby and damaged.

  • Shadow Pounce (Tactical): Revenant can lunge forward using a powerful punce. Players can hold the ability to charge and leap long distances.

  • Forged Shadows (Ultimate): Revenant creates shadows around him like a shield to block damage and this shroud also regenerates. He can recharge this shadow shield and his tactical ability when he gets knockdowns.

In order to align with the new changes to the Legend's kit, Respawn Entertainment has has fittingly moved Revenant Reborn from the Assault class to the Skirmisher class. As a result, he can no longer open red supply bins on the map but can now scan care packages' contents to see the highest value item inside them.

Talking about the upcoming season, Respawn Entertainment said, "There’s something for everyone this season—from Broken Moon in Mixtape, a revamped Charge Rifle, updates to Ranked, new community Stickers from ryonello, and the new Death Dynasty Collection Event—and it all starts August 8, 2023."

Players should note that the full list of updates will be dropped via the Season 18 Resurrection Patch Notes coming on 7th August.

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