All NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here are all the NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.</p></div>
Here are all the NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.


You can buy items from NPCs or even hire them to join your team.
Here are all the NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

The Battle Royale is currently in its first season of Chapter 4 and experienced players have gotten used to the number of Fortnite NPCs (Non-Player Character) present on the map. You can buy weapons, supplies or hire these NPCs to fight for you and your team and aid in fulfilling specific challenges. Here are all the NPC locations in Fortnite for Chapter 4, Season 1.

Here are all the NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.


On the northeast side of the map, you’ll find Aura in Crude Harbor. You can buy Chug Splashes from her and hire her as a protector 

Frozen Fishstick

Located at the south of Aura, you’ll find Frozen Fishstick on the biggest frozen lake in the snow biome, near Icy Islets. You can get shields, Shield Kegs and Chili Chug Splashes from this NPC. 


West of Aura, you’ll find Snowheart in Cold Cavern, east of Breakwater Bay. You can buy the Primal Stink Bow from Snowheart and pay to see the location of the next storm circle. 

Frozen Red Knight

You’ll find Frozen Red Knight in the Brutal Bastion. Look for the orb structure in the middle of the plaza.. You can walk up to the Knight and buy a Firefly Jar or hire the Knight to follow you.


In the southwest corner of the map, in a blue house south of the Shattered Slabs, you’ll find Evie. You can buy the Shadow Tracker Pistol and a Rift from her. 

Diamond Diva

You’ll find the Diamond Diva east of Evie in Meadow Mansion. You can buy a Maven Shotgun from her and hire her to protect you. 


East of Diamond Diva you’ll find another Fortnite NPC called Sunflower, located in Frenzy Fields. You can purchase Impulse Grenades from her as well as a Chug Cannon for all the Chug Splashes you want. 

Neymar Jr.

On the eastern corner of the map, you’ll find Neymar Jr. hanging around on a field north of Slappy Shores. You can buy Slap Juice or Med-Mist from him. 


You’ll find Helsie slightly southwest from the center of the map, at the Hidden Henge. You can buy the Legendary Thunder Shotgun from her or hire her to be part of your team.

Omega Knight

Southwest of Slappy Shores, you’ll find the Omega Knight at the Secluded Spire. You can purchase a Port-a-Bunker and the Shockwave Hammer from this Fortnite NPC. 

Joni The Red

Joni spawns in multiple locations on the south side of the map. You’ll find Joni in a barn southwest of Frenzy Fields, in the main building at Faulty Springs or at Rowdy Acres. She can be hired to protect your team and you can buy a Red-Eye Assault Rifle from her. 

Scrapknight Jules

Scrapknight Jules can be found in the medieval buildings in the eastern part of Faulty Splits. She will sell you a Rocket Launcher and a Launch Pad.

Princess Felicity Fish

You’ll find Felicity Fish on the northwestern side of the map. Look for her in Western Watch, located southwest of The Citadel. She’ll sell you the Grappler Bow and let you tip the bus driver. 

Raptorian The Brave

South of Anvil Square you’ll run into this Fortnite NPC. You can hire him or buy the Primal Flame Bow from him. 

Surrr Burger

Another NPC located close to Anvil Square, Surrr Burger can sell you a prop disguise and The Dub Shotgun. 

Wild Card

You’ll find the Wild Card in multiple locations. You may find them north of Shattered Slabs, on the northwestern peninsula or near Breakwater Bay. He’ll sell you an Unstable Bow or the Ex-Caliber Rifle. 

Renegade Shadow

One of the newest Fortnite NPCs, the Renegade Shadow will sell you a Legendary Heavy Shotgun and you can hire him to protect your squad. You’ll find him at Woodsy Ward, east of Breakwater Bay. 

The Ageless Champion

The season’s boss, The Ageless Champion can be taken down for the Timeless Ex-Caliber Rifle. You’ll find him at the Citadel.

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