All Currencies in Apex Legends Explained


All Currencies in Apex Legends Explained - Crafting Materials, Legend Tokens and More

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Apex Legends has four different currencies with each of them serving a unique purpose.
Legend Tokens are the most important currency as they allow you to unlock new legends on your account.

Apex Legends has four different currencies and as a new player it can be tricky to figure out which ones are important for your progression. You do not need to make any purchases to enjoy the game and all legends can be unlocked for free. However, you need to get Legend Tokens by simply playing the game and it will allow you to unlock your desired leegnds quickly. Here is a breakdown of the game's monetization system in case you are wondering what each currency does.

All Currencies in Apex Legends Explained

Crafting Metals

  • Pulled from Apex Packs.

  • Used to craft skins that you want.

Legend Tokens

  • Earned primarily through completing matches.

  • Used to get Legends, unlock recolors for Legendary Skins, and reroll Daily Challenges.

The fastest way to get Legend Tokens is by completing matches and leveling up. Starting from Level 4, you’ll get 600 Legend Tokens per level, and you’ll continue to earn Tokens at higher levels even after hitting max level.

If your goal is to stack up Legend Tokens, play the long game by being strategic about kills and avoiding matches that could send you back to the main menu too soon.

Play with friends to boost your Time Survived XP allotment. Playing in trios gets you more XP at the end of matches and can help you level up faster. To maximize your XP gains, you can also grab the Battle Pass and tackle Daily Challenges.

Apex Coins

  • Purchased using real-world money.

  • Used to buy Apex Packs, Legends, weapon skins, and Legend poses.

Your Apex Coins are kept in a Wallet. Some platforms use different Wallets, so you may not be able to use your Apex Coins across all platforms. Once you’ve bought an item, it’ll be available on all platforms.

If you buy Apex Coins on the Nintendo Switch, you can only access these Apex Coins on your Nintendo Switch.

You’ll only see these Apex Coins while you’re logged in on the Nintendo Switch, and you won’t see this balance on other platforms. You also won’t see your Wallet from other platforms when logged in to the Nintendo Switch.

Heirloom Shards

  • Only found in Apex Packs.

  • Used to craft items from the Heirloom Store.

Heirlooms (and Mythics) are extremely rare cosmetic items that grant you a cosmetic melee weapon or an upgradeable skin. These are introduced to the game through events and they can be purchased directly using Heirloom Shards as well.

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