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5 Tips Every Escape From Tarkov Player Needs to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Escape From Tarkov is one of the most mechanically challenging games with difficult mechanics that can be daunting to master.
Completing Scav Raids in the early game is one of the best ways to gather early game gear.
Players should also complete quests as soon as possible to get their hands on some very important resources.

Escape From Tarkov is arguably one of the most difficult multiplayer games out right now. You need to get used to realistic gunplay and complex mechanics all by yourself. There is no in-depth tutorial and you have to figure things out on your own as you meet other players. But things do not need to be as daunting as they initially seem. Here are 5 tips that every Escape From Tarkov beginner needs to know.

5 Tips for Escape From Tarkov Beginners

Escape From Tarkov is an “extraction” shooter where the goal is to gather as much loot as possible and extract safely. There are human and AI combatants in every match and you need to face them throughout your playtime. 

Spend Time on Scav Raids

You should run Scav raids as frequently as possible. You can enter Scav raids as a friendly and you will be able to escape with free gear. 

The Scavs are AI opponents and you can join them. You will not be attacked by other Scavs unless you attack them. However, you will run into other players, but as long as you survive you will get some fancy gear at the end. This will allow you to gear up while also getting some combat experience in the beginner stages.

Get Access to a Map When Playing

You can get your hands on a map at: 

There are downloadable images as well if you are not looking for interactive maps and you have to open them up on your phone or a second monitor when playing. It takes time to get used to the map and the game does not have a map feature so you will need to learn the locations on your own. 

Having access to a third-party map will allow you to find loot and plan your route conveniently. You should also learn every extraction point to give yourself the best chances of escaping without losing your loot. 

Questing is Important

There are countless quests in Escape From Tarkov that beginners need to do. If you want to build up an arsenal of weapon and have all the items that you need in the early game, you should start working on those quests. 

Questing also improves your reputation and unlocks high-tier items that you can use in endgame activities. Traders also drop their prices which can help you save tons of cash.

Item Management

The most important thing that you need to learn as a new player is item management. You do not need to take every item in your inventory into a raid. You should bring expendable items with you only, so you do not regret losing items that you want to hold on to.

Typically, you want to bring armor, helmets, and ammunition that you will need to combat enemies. Medical supplies are also very important as you will get into fights and will need to heal yourself.

Work With Other Players

Experienced Escape From Tarkov players do not shoot at enemies if they wiggle. Simply spam Q and E, which will make your character strafe. This is how most Tarkov players show that they are friendly.

You can use this tactic to work with other players but as all Tarkov players eventually find out, there is always a betrayal waiting to happen. You should assess the situation depending on how much loot you have and how badly you want to team up if you ever want to try making friends in the game.

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