5 Best Enchantments for Chestplates in Minecraft 1.19

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Best Enchantments for Chestplates in Minecraft 1.19


Using the right enchantments on your Chestplate and other armor pieces is important for Minecraft's combat.
Mending is by far the best generalist enchantment to use in Minecraft.
You can use Protection or other defensive enchantments if you want to boost your survivability even further.

A Chestplate is one of the four armor pieces that you can equip in Minecraft. Having good armor is important as it lets you mitigate damage and take on tougher foes without feeling overwhelmed. Just like most other gear items, you can use enchantments on Chestplates as well. If you are wondering what the best enchantments for Chestplates in Minecraft 1.19 are, here are our recommendations. 

Best Chestplate Enchantments in Minecraft


Mending is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft for not just Chestplates but also for other gear items. It is by far the best generalist option for all gear and it comes as no surprise that we recommend it to all players. It automatically repairs your gear at the cost of experience points and the effect is just too strong. The only downside is that it is hard to get your hands on the enchantment as it is very rare but once you do, it is a must-have option.


If you are looking to max out your defense, the Protection enchantment is great and can increase the overall defense of your armor. You can use something like the Netherite armor set with Protection at high enchantment levels and will be safe from a lot of incoming damage.

Fire Protection

If you are facing a lot of burning damage in the Nether Realm, the Fire Protection enchantment is your best bet. It is not great outside of its niche but we recommend having a Chestplate with the enchantment at hand for when you need it.


The Unbreaking enchantment adds a random chance for your Chestplate durability to not be consumed when taking damage. It effectively boosts your Chestplate’s durability but it is not worth using over the Mending enchantment, which is admittedly hard to get.


If you want to boost your damage, the Thorns enchantment can help you deal some extra damage if enemies come too close. The enchantment is great against close-range and for PvP so you can use it to fulfill its niche but it is not particularly great for general use.

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