LEC 2022 Summer Split


LEC 2022 Summer Split: Teams, Schedule, Results, Standings & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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With the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022 tournament done and dusted, all the regions across the world are gearing up for the big Summer Split, the most-important season before the World Championship. Major regions including North America’s League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), Europe’s League of Legends European Championship (LEC), and Korea’s League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) have already announced the start dates of their league’s 2022 Summer Split.

The LCS and the LEC are kicking off on the same day on 17th June and Riot Games has posted the schedule for the LEC’s opening Super Week. Initially, Riot said, “If you can’t wait for the LEC to be back on your screens, then we have good news for you! The LEC Summer Season starts again on 17 June 2022 with a super week, so if you’re busy planning your summer calendars, make sure you pencil it in as you won’t want to miss it!

Here’s everything you need to know about the LEC 2022 Summer Split.

A guide to LEC 2022 Summer Split

The LEC Summer Split is the second split of the fourth year of Europe's rebranded professional league: League of Legends European Championship (LEC). A total of ten teams shall compete in a round-robin group stage in best-of-ones (BO1).


  • Ten teams participate

  • Double round-robin setup

  • Matches are best-of-one

  • The top six teams qualify for LEC Summer Playoffs

LEC 2022 Summer Split: Teams

The teams participating in the LEC 2022 Summer Split are as follows:

  • Astralis

  • Excel Esports

  • Fnatic

  • G2 Esports

  • MAD Lions

  • Misfits Gaming

  • Rogue

  • SK Gaming

  • Team BDS

  • Team Vitality

Where to watch

Fans can watch the LEC 2022 Summer Split live on the official LEC channel on Twitch once the league kicks off on 17th June. You can also check out the games as video on demand (VODs) on the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel.

06 Aug, 05:06 am

You can follow the results and standings of Week 7 and Week 8 of the LEC 2022 Summer Split over here.

30 Jul, 07:27 pm

Vitality stomps G2 Esports in Match of the Week

G2 Esports and Vitality (VIT) were tied at 7-5 before the start of the Match of the Week but VIT won it. Vitality picked up two early kills on Perkz’s Ahri and used the power spike to secure the first drake and Rift Herald. Despite engaging in a scrappy fight and losing kills on the top side, VIT managed to come out on top and secure the first tower and a bunch of kills as well. At 20 minutes, VIT was ahead of G2 by 7K gold and three dragons. Two minutes later, a dominant VIT locked down the Baron and chipped away inhibitor towers of G2. With the help of Hextech soul, VIT took down G2 Esports, completely shutting down the MSI representative.

30 Jul, 06:34 pm

Fnatic puts an end to 0-5 loss streak, wins against BDS

Both Fnatic (FNC) and Team BDS (BDS) had a scrappy start to the game but FNC gained a sliver of an advantage. Going into the matchup, both teams were looking to break their losing streak but FNC managed to do it. While the dragon was picked up by BDS, FNC got the Herald. Things went awry for FNC when BDS picked up kills in the top side river and turned to its second dragon of the game and first tower, equaling the gold. However, after dying to FNC multiple times, BDS lost control of the game and let FNC snowball. At 24 minutes, FNC aced BDS, and secured both the dragon and Baron. Soon after, FNC marched into BDS’ base and ended the game. Off the back of this defeat, BDS is out of Summer playoffs contention.

30 Jul, 05:41 pm

MAD Lions wins against Excel Esports

Four minutes into the game, it looked like MAD Lions (MAD) was all set to win with its Draven collecting all the kills against Excel Esports (XL). At 8 minutes, MAD was ahead of XL by 3K gold and XL answered back by taking the Herald. After MAD overstayed its welcome in the bottom lane, XL picked up three quick kills. XL secured the bottom lane and it also got a hefty shutdown gold from the Draven kill. At 31 minutes, MAD traded the dragon for Baron Nashor and took down the bot inhibitor. Following this, MAD smashed XL’s nexus into smithereens under 35 minutes.

30 Jul, 04:43 pm

Astralis upsets Rogue, picks up convincing win

Astralis’ (AST) early game was impeccable as it contested Rogue’s (RGE) jungler every step of the way. It was a classic trade of objective: AST secured Rift Herald while RGE took the dragon. After picking off RGE’s top-laner on the bottom lane, AST secured the first tower as well. Additionally, AST’s vision control was commendable as it kept track of all jungle entrances. At 20 minutes, AST secured its dragon and collected multiple kills that stemmed off a poor play from RGE. Baron Nashor was also secured by AST shortly after, thanks to its proactiveness. However, it took multiple short team fights and a second Baron for AST to end the game.

30 Jul, 04:43 pm

Misfits snowballs against SK Gaming, picks up a win

Misfits Gaming (MSF) started the match against SK Gaming (SK) with a nice early lead. Its carries picked up early kills and the team also secured a dragon and the first Herald, all within 11 minutes. With five kills in MSF Vetheo’s (Akali) pocket, the team was poised to scale really well and confidently took down the second Herald. At 20-minutes, MSF broke into SK’s base and after securing Baron Nashor, MSF ended the game in under 27 minutes.

30 Jul, 05:26 am

MAD Lions rolls over Fnatic, places first in standings

MAD Lions (MAD) has been dominant this split and it took on Fnatic (FNC) on the last game of the day. Fnatic has been looking shaky this Summer and it showed yet again in this match. Both the teams fought across the map and traded kills. It was clear that MAD had to take down Upset to win the match and snowball its advantages since FNC was always answering back with a couple of kills and by taking objectives. MAD Elyoya tried to engage on Upset a couple of times which backfired but a fantastic Taliyah ultimate by Nisqy ensured that MAD killed Upset and ended the game.

29 Jul, 08:11 pm

G2 Esports takes down Team BDS in an uphill battle

Team BDS looked extremely strong against G2 Esports in the early to mid-game. BDS found multiple early kills but G2 Esports prioritized dragons. At 22 minutes, BDS had three towers under its belt against G2 which had none. However, G2 chunked out multiple members of BDS and turned to the dragon and forced soul point. While G2’s top-laner pushed the bottom lane, BDS baited Baron Nashor but it favored G2 Esports, which turned the fight around and secured the objective. G2 commandingly won a team fight at 28 minutes and secured the dragon soul. While BDS turned to Baron, G2 Esports’ jungler Jankos stole it from under its nose and ended the game.

29 Jul, 08:10 pm

Vitality starts the week with a win against XL

The Vitality (VIT) vs Excel Esports (XL) was one-sided for the most part. All the early kills fell into the pockets of VIT which also took down the first tower of the match. The three lanes were always pushed in favor of VIT. However, after spotting an opening in the game, XL was able to sneak Baron and stay relevant. Vitality played the game slowly, got the Ocean dragon soul, and ended the game against XL.

29 Jul, 06:52 pm

Misfits Gaming shuts down Rogue

Misfits Gaming (MSF) won against Rogue in the second match of the day. Both the teams had their moments in the game and were equal in terms of gold, kills, and dragons. However, Rogue (RGE) found its footing in the game once it killed MSF mid-laner and took down Baron Nashor. Though RGE eventually broke into MSF’s base, it was finding it hard to shut down Zeri. Following this, the teams traded objectives - RGE secured Baron and MSF secured Ocean dragon soul. A while later, MSF smote and secured the third Baron and ended the game.

29 Jul, 05:39 pm

SK Gaming wins against Astralis

SK Gaming and Astralis were both neck and neck till 20 minutes in the game. However, a good team fight resulted in SK Gaming’s ADC securing a triple kill and the match snowballed from there. Astralis fought back through a Baron steal at 26 minutes but the second Baron it secured did not go so well. After securing the Baron, AST lost a big team fight and eventually the game.

23 Jul, 09:17 pm

Excel Esports wins match of the week against Fnatic

Fnatic (FNC) was the heavy favorite going into the match against Excel Esports (XL) but XL proved people wrong. The entirety of the map belonged to XL in the early game as the team had four kills, two towers, and two dragons under its belt. FNC struggled to match its opponents and only managed to pick up a couple of kills till the 23-minute mark. It was relatively easy for XL to take down FNC’s nexus after securing both the dragon soul and the Baron Nashor.

23 Jul, 09:12 pm

G2 Esports ends the week strong with a win against Rogue

G2 played confidently against Rogue in today’s match and contested all the objectives. At 22 minutes, G2 secured its first Baron and built up a gold lead over RGE. However, near the 30-minute mark, RGE’s attack damage carry Comp picked up a triple kill on Kalista and changed the course of the game briefly. Following this, G2 got its second Baron, followed it up with an Elder Dragon kill, and powered through Rogue’s base.

23 Jul, 09:08 pm

Vitality wins against Misfits Gaming

Vitality won against Misfits Gaming in minutes. After a very shaky match yesterday, VIT showed up big time on the Rift in today’s match against MSF. Both the teams were neck and neck in terms of gold but VIT managed to pick up spread-out kills across the map. After winning a few more team fights, VIT took down Baron Nashor, answered Jax’s split push, and won the game soon after.

23 Jul, 08:57 pm

MAD Lions takes down SK Gaming, climbs to the top of the table

MAD Lions secured the top spot in the league after defeating SK Gaming. SK Gaming for the most part of the early game was in the commanding position but MAD responded quickly and picked up kills and the first dragon. A big team fight victory at the third dragon helped MAD cement its lead. Following this, MAD secured the dragon soul, Baron Nashor, and ended the game.

23 Jul, 04:27 pm

Astralis picks up a win against Team BDS

Team BDS was looking to pick up its second win of the season against Astralis (AST) but AST showed prowess on the Summoner’s Rift and took home the victory. The early advantages went into the pockets of BDS but the team let them slip away very soon. In the mid-game phase, AST answered back by securing multiple kills and towers and ultimately broke into BDS’ base.

23 Jul, 05:11 am

Rogue secures top spot in LEC standings after victory against FNC

The Rogue vs Fnatic match delivered on the hype and had so many exciting plays. Fnatic (FNC) was surging ahead with multiple kills, towers, and dragons under its banner. However, a resilient Rogue fought back and killed two FNC members after FNC took down Baron Nashor. A team fight at 28 minutes, chunked out the HPs of multiple members of both teams. Following this, Fnatic started the second Baron. Unfortunately, after a smite misplay by Razork, Rogue stole the epic monster with a Poppy Q, who hexflashed into the pit with a sliver of HP. It was only uphill from here for RGE which built up a steady lead. However, it took two more Baron kills for RGE to finish the game.

23 Jul, 04:53 am

G2 Esports defeats Astralis, ends losing streak

G2 Esports won against Astralis and ended its 4-game losing streak. In this game, G2 came out swinging by picking up multiple kills but AST was quick to catch up. While AST secured the first dragon, G2 traded it for the first tower. At 27 minutes, after winning a massive team fight, G2 took down Baron Nashor. When the next Baron spawned, AST tried to rush it and leave its base open and vulnerable. Noticing this, G2 teleported into AST’s base and closed out the match.

22 Jul, 07:45 pm

MAD Lions stomps Vitality

MAD Lions (MAD) saw the right opportunities and capitalized on the tiniest mistakes and missteps by Vitality (VIT). Simply put, MAD punished VIT’s bot lane multiple times. After picking up kills across the map, MAD Lions built a steady gold lead. At 22 minutes, MAD secured Baron Nashor and ended the game quickly after.

22 Jul, 06:36 pm

Excel Esports wins against Misfits

Excel Esports (XL) had a steady lead from the start of the game against Misfits (MSF). With two dragons under its belt and by securing the first tower and the Herald, XL cemented its position in the match. At 30 minutes, XL killed MSF’s jungler and turned to Baron Nashor. Following this, the team reset and won sporadic fights and marched right into Misfits’ base, and ended the game in under 35 minutes.

22 Jul, 05:26 pm

SK Gaming continues its win streak

SK Gaming (SK) won its fourth game of the Summer Split against Team BDS (BDS). The game was fairly one-sided and all the lanes were in favor of SK but BDS stacked dragons. In the late game, it seemed like SK’s top-laner made a bad move and almost died, but the team capitalized on it and SK ended up wiping BDS. After this fight, SK secured the Baron and pushed its gold lead to 11K. Soon after, SK broke into BDS’ base and closed out the game in 25 minutes.

16 Jul, 09:02 pm

Team Vitality takes down Fnatic in Week 4 Match of the Week

Team Vitality maintained a solid lead throughout the match and closed it out in 32 minutes. Though Fnatic had the upperhand when it came to kills, VIT took down towers and stayed ahead in terms of gold. From there, it took two Baron Nashor, a dragon and multiple with kills for VIT to end the game.

16 Jul, 07:27 pm

G2 loses yet another game, this time to Misfits

The matches between G2 Esports (G2) and Misfits Gaming (MSF) are always entertaining and this was another one to remember. After a back and forth battle, MSF won the match. For most part of the game, G2 was ahead but in true MSF fashion, MSF secured Baron while in a deficit and mounted a comeback. Despite being five kills down and sans the dragon soul, MSF won in under 43 minutes.

16 Jul, 06:06 pm

Rogue stomps Team BDS in Week 4

It was an one-sided affair for Rogue which defeated Team BDS in under 28 minutes. Though the early game did not have many kills, RGE knocked down multiple towers across the map. The tempo of the match changed completely once RGE won a team fight and secured Baron Nashor. It was fairly easy to break into BDS’ base after this and RGE ended the game with 16 kills under its banner.

16 Jul, 05:58 pm

MAD Lions wins a thriller game against Astralis

The match between MAD Lions and Astralis (AST) was tooth and nail and both teams had comeback moments. In the end, MAD persevered and took down AST, which mounted a big lead. Though AST secured Baron Nashor, MAD got the dragon soul and followed it up with a Baron kill in the upcoming minutes. The finals few minutes of the match pushed everyone to the edge of their seats with MAD securing Elder and winning the base race.

16 Jul, 04:24 pm

SK ends Week 4 with another win over Excel

SK Gaming (SK) came out on top in the match against Excel Esports (XL) on Day 2 Week 4 of the Summer Split. Excel Esports secured the first couple of dragons whereas SK Gaming continued to stack kills under its belt. SK managed to kill Baron Nashor and also equaled the dragon scores with XL, whose base was broken into soon after. However, SK Gaming only managed to close out the match after securing its second Baron of the game.

16 Jul, 03:19 pm

Team Vitality jungler Haru tests positive for COVID-19

The LEC issued another update today stating that Team Vitality’s (VIT) jungler Kang "Haru" Min-seung has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, VIT is playing its match vs Fnatic remotely. Apart from that, the Team BDS vs Rogue match will also be played remotely since BDS’ top-laner Agresivoo tested positive for the virus before the start of Week 4.

16 Jul, 05:03 am

Rogue defeats Team Vitality and secures top spot

After taking down Team Vitality (VIT), Rogue is now on a six-game win streak and is on top of the scoreboard. RGE looked composed and strong throughout the match where its players won combats across the map and strengthened their leads. Though VIT answered back with a few isolated kills, RGE was able to dominate team fights and close out the match.

15 Jul, 08:04 pm

SK Gaming defeats G2, picks up second win

It seemed like SK Gaming wanted to rewrite its losing streak in the LEC and dominated G2 Esports in the early game and late game. At 15 minutes, SK had five kills and two dragons to its name and it also knocked down the first tower of the game. The Cloud soul was secured by SK right on cue in 23 minutes and soon after picked up Baron. Methodically, SK picked up the Elder, the Baron, and also took down G2’s nexus.

15 Jul, 07:08 pm

Misfits wins nail biter against Fnatic

It was a very back and forth game between Misfits and Fnatic right from the start. MSF played really well in the early game and secured two dragons and also bagged kills along the way. However, things started to lean in favor of Fnatic once they killed Baron and evened the gold lead. It looked like MSF would be able to close out the game after killing four FNC members but FNC’s top-laner held the base and the MSF squad has to reset. However, after killing FNC near the Baron Nashor pit, Misfits was able to end the game in under 38 minutes.

15 Jul, 06:11 pm

MAD Lions stomps Team BDS

The MAD Lions vs Team BDS match had a very slow start and the game had only a few kills till the 20-minute mark. However, MAD continued to secure more dragons under its belt and grew its lead over BDS. The pace of the match changed at the third dragon fight and soon after collecting the Hextech soul, MAD closed out the game in 27 minutes.

15 Jul, 05:26 pm

Astralis pulls a strong comeback against Excel Esports

The first match of the week was played remotely since AST could not travel to the Berlin studio. Things were looking really good for the XL squad, which had a steady lead for over 40 minutes in the game. XL had secured the Ocean Soul and also bagged a Baron Nashor buff and broke into the base of AST. However, at the back of a bad fight at AST’s base, XL threw the game and allowed its opponent to comeback. AST secured Baron Nashor and turned the game around on its head and ended it in 46 minutes.

15 Jul, 02:01 pm

LEC releases an update before start of Week 4

The LEC is returning today with action-packed games and the league revealed a few changes that are lined up for this weekend’s games. The LEC stated that Astralis had unforeseeable travel issues and could not make it to the Berlin studio. Hence, the league officials have allowed the team to play its first game against Excel Esports remotely. Additionally, Team BDS top-laner Tobiasz “Agresivoo” Ciba tested positive for COVID-19, the squad will be playing both its matches remotely.

02 Jul, 07:43 pm

Fnatic takes down G2 Esports in el clásico

Fnatic (FNC) won the Match of the Week against G2 Esports (G2). Fnatic’s early game was immaculate as Razork helped his team pick up kills and also the first dragon and Rift Herald. At 15.45 minutes, FNC picked up both the side lane towers while G2 picked up the Herald. At 21.30 minutes, G2 picked up its first dragon but lost multiple members to FNC in a scrappy team fight. Following this, FNC picked up Baron Nashor and killed Jankos and Flakked, extending the gold lead by 5K. The second Baron also fell at 30 minutes to FNC, which also secured the Cloud soul. After Upset’s Twitch got a triple kill and melted through G2, FNC closed out the game.

02 Jul, 06:44 pm

Misfits Gaming wins a 35-minute thriller against MAD Lions

MAD Lions (MAD) came out of the gates very strong by winning all the lanes and picking up three of the outer towers of Misfits Gaming (MSF). However, for MSF it looked like dragon-stacking was the name of the game. At around 20 minutes, MSF secured its third dragon but lost the following team fight. MAD immediately secured the Baron Nashor and pushed the gold lead by 7K. At 24 minutes, MSF miraculously won a team fight, aced MAD, and secured the infernal dragon soul soon after. It looked like the game was over at 32 minutes but MSF tried to kill the enemy Kalista, failed to finish the match, and also lost the Elder to Elyoya. After winning a final fight near the Baron pit, MSF won the game.

02 Jul, 05:37 pm

Team Vitality secures win over Astralis

Team Vitality picked up its fourth win this split against Astralis. Astralis (AST) fought toe to toe against Team Vitality (VIT) and picked up kills across the map. VIT managed to keep the gold close, despite giving too many kills to AST, because it collected dragons and towers. At 26 minutes, AST overstayed in the mid-lane and threw away a good lead that it had. After obliterating AST in the middle lane, VIT secured the Baron Nashor. Following this, VIT survived a really good team fight and ended the game in under 35 minutes.

02 Jul, 04:33 pm

Rogue finds value in Zac pick, wins against SK Gaming

Rogue won the second match of the day against SK Gaming. Rogue (RGE) was in complete control of the early game but after SK Gaming (SK) picked up a couple of kills and dragons, the gold was pretty much even between the teams. At around 20 minutes, RGE got its first dragon and started Baron Nashor, which turned awry, as SK secured it. Even though Odoamne’s engages on the Zac were near perfect, RGE was struggling to make an impact as SK stacked dragons and kills. However, RGE found two quick kills, translated them into a Baron pick, and won the game.

02 Jul, 03:42 pm

Excel Esports shines yet again, defeats Team BDS

Excel Esports (XL) won against Team BDS and is positioned right at the top of the LEC standings. XL dominated BDS in the early game and found isolated kills and at 14-minutes in the game, it wiped four members of BDS from the Rift and secured the Mountain dragon. Every single lane was pushing in favor of XL which had a gold lead of just less than 10K at 19 minutes. Soon after XL picked up Baron Nashor and closed out the game in 24 minutes.

02 Jul, 03:47 am

MAD Lions upsets G2 Esports and ties for first place

MAD Lions (MAD) defeated G2 Esports (G2) in the last game of Week 3 Day 1 of the LEC and paved way for a five-team tie in the tournament. MAD picked up a lead in the early game and despite G2 trying to make comebacks through individual plays, the gold gap expanded to 9K by the 30-minute mark. It was a back and forth late game as G2 even aced MAD Lions who broke open its base. MAD's ADC on the Twitch helped close out the game and secure the win.

01 Jul, 08:25 pm

Fnatic wins against Astralis

Going into the matchup, both teams were 3-2 but Fnatic (FNC) won the game and secured its fourth win in LEC 2022 Summer. Right from the get-go, FNC had the upper hand and translated its advantages into objectives. Astralis (AST) struggled to find answers to FNC’s moves and after securing the Baron Nashor and the Dragon soul, FNC closed out the game in 33 minutes.

01 Jul, 08:19 pm

Rogue takes down EXCEL Esports

Rogue (RGE) won against EXCEL Esports (XL) on Week 3 Day 1 in the LEC in a match that was very back and forth. RGE was in the lead for the most part of the early game but XL mounted back a comeback in the mid-game and closed the gold gap by securing Baron Nashor. However, after losing a few isolated fights in the coming minutes, RGE got the second Baron and closed out the game.

01 Jul, 05:42 pm

Vitality finds value in Bel'Veth pick as it wins against SK Gaming

Things were off to a bad and slow start for Team Vitality (VIT) but the Bel'Veth and Ezreal scaled well into the game and secured the win for VIT against SK Gaming (SK). At 25 minutes, VIT was up ahead by 8K gold and picked up Baron Nashor and three dragons. Vitality got an isolated kill on SK’s jungler and secured the second Baron Nashor buff and the Mountain Soul. Following this, the game was over in 30 minutes.

01 Jul, 05:10 pm

Misfits Gaming defeats Team BDS, picks up second win

Misfits Gaming (MSF) started Week 3 of the LEC 2022 Summer Split with a win over Team BDS. MSF picked up early kills while BDS collected objectives like dragons and Rift Herald. At 22 minutes, MSF collected Baron Nashor and pushed the gold lead by 6K. Soon after Team BDS got aced at around 30 minutes and MSF marched down the base and ended the match.

26 Jun, 04:05 am

G2 stomps Team Vitality in the last match of the day

The defending LEC champions G2 Esports (G2) rolled over the so-called “superteam” Team Vitality (VIT) in a 32-minute game. One could say that the Match of the Week was fairly one-sided with G2 collecting all the objectives and shutting down VIT. After collecting the Ocean soul and the Baron Nashor, G2 closed out the match.

26 Jun, 04:05 am

Fnatic wins against BDS in the longest game of LEC yet

The match between Fnatic (FNC) and Team BDS (BDS) was very entertaining and it was action-packed with kills dropping all across the map. Though it looked like BDS would close it out, FNC clutched it and won the match. It seemed like FNC was struggling to deal with BDS’ poke and highly-ranged team composition but it prevailed over the course of the game. After FNC Upset stole the Baron, FNC marched down to BDS’ base and claimed victory.

26 Jun, 04:05 am

Rogue wins against Astralis

This match against Rogue (RGE) and Astralis (AST), though RGE won, was interesting since both the bottom lanes had unique picks. AST locked in Seraphine attack damage carry (ADC) and Pyke support, whereas RGE picked Senna ADC and Soraka support. Both the teams exchanged blows at the start of the game, but at the fourth dragon fight, things took a turn for the worse for AST, as it lost its potential soul point and also a big team fight, which meant that RGE could secure Baron. Following this, AST lost the tempo and eventually fell to RGE.

26 Jun, 04:04 am

Excel Esports defeats MAD Lions

Excel Esports (XL) won the second match of Week 2 Day 2 of the LEC with a commanding win against MAD Lions. XL had complete control of the pace of the game from the early stages of the match and translated this advantage into securing towers and dragons. At 21 minutes, with a kill score of 18-1, XL ended the game.

26 Jun, 04:03 am

Misfits Gaming picks up first win in LEC 2022 Summer Split

Misfits Gaming (MSF) picked up its first win of the split against SK Gaming (SK) and now both the teams are tied with a 1-4 score. In the early game, MSF quickly knocked down SK’s towers but SK answered back by getting isolated kills across the map and collecting dragons. Following this, MSF used the Baron buff to its advantage and knocked down SK’s nexus in under 31 minutes.

25 Jun, 04:10 am

MAD Lions wins against Fnatic to close out the day

MAD Lions (MAD) was looking strong and entered the match with a solid plan. Fnatic (FNC) did not look as cohesive on the Summoner’s Rift as it let MAD pick up stack objectives and take down towers. After killing Humanoid, Wunder, and Upset at around 30 minutes, MAD Lions ended the game using its man and minion advantage.

25 Jun, 03:56 am

Team BDS upsets G2 Esports and picks up its first win

Team BDS (BDS) put an end G2 Esports’ (G2) win streak in the Summer Split and picked up its first win. The aggressive playstyle it had adopted came in clutch as Nuclearint and Cinkrof played well together to demolish G2. At 31 minutes, BDS secured Dragon soul, turned to Baron Nashor, marched down G2’s bottom side of the map, and ended the game.

25 Jun, 03:49 am

Rogue dominates third match and pushes Misfits to the bottom

Rogue (RGE) looked like the stronger team starting minute-one and it picked up multiple towers, the soul point, kills and even secured Baron Nashor without heavy skirmishes. Misfits Gaming (MSF) struggled to close the gold gap of 10 Thousand and eventually was stomped by RGE in 26 minutes.

25 Jun, 03:42 am

Excel Esports emerges victorious against Team Vitality

Going into this matchup, both the teams were 2-1 but Excel Esports (XL) played the match brilliantly and closed it out in just 35 minutes. The match was very back and forth with XL taking the lead in the early game and Team Vitality (VIT) coming back stronger in the mid-game. XL picked up the Infernal Dragon soul but VIT quickly got its hands on Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon. However, a poorly executed team fight in the final minutes of the game cost VIT the match.

25 Jun, 03:31 am

Astralis picks up its third win against SK Gaming

Astralis (AST) has been performing pretty well this Summer Split. SK Gaming (SK) and AST were even in gold and advantages up until the 10-minute mark but Astralis was quick to assert dominance on the bot side of the map and pick up multiple kills. AST forced the Baron Nashor and secured it at 23 minutes and extended its lead. Picking up the Dragon Soul and winning the last team fight meant that AST could end the game comfortably.

19 Jun, 09:02 pm

Rogue defeats MAD Lions in a barnburner match

The last match of the LEC 2022 Summer Super Week lived up to the hype. For most part of the match, it looked like it was MAD's game with how the team played and how ahead it was of Rogue. However, in yet another coin flip team fight at the dragon pit and with Rogue stealing the Elder Dragon, MAD Lions fell apart quickly. Soon after this, Rogue walked into MAD's base and pulled off a miracle win.

19 Jun, 08:53 pm

G2 Esports ends XL's win streak

Going into the match, both G2 Esports and Excel Esports (XL) were 2-0 and one of the win streaks was bound to be broken. At the end of 38 minute, after a cheeky quadra kill by caPs, it was XL's base that fell down. G2 showed complete dominance over its opponent on the Rift from minute one in the game and it was ahead at all times.

19 Jun, 08:53 pm

Fnatic takes down SK Gaming on Day 3 of LEC 2022 Summer

SK Gaming had a textbook start to the game with dragons and a Herald under its belt, coupled with quintessential kills. However, things turned awry for the squad after a bad fight that it lost, which meant Fnatic could turn to Baron Nashor. Just like that the game was flipped on its head and Fnatic snowballed its lead and closed out the game in 26.33 minutes.

19 Jun, 04:54 pm

Team Vitality ends Week 1 with a win

The second match of Day 3 of Super Week was between Team Vitality and Team BDS. The game was in BDS' hand for most part of the early game but Team Vitality mounted a quick comeback. During a scrappy team fight in the bottom side of the map, Team Vitality's Perkz pulled an Xpeke as he took the nexus by himself as BDS members struggled to recall. With this Team Vitality is now 2-1 whereas BDS is in the bottom of the table with no wins.

19 Jun, 04:39 pm

Astralis beats Misfits Gaming to close out Super Week

Astralis has been sporting a different side in the Summer Split with a newly-formed roster. After collecting multiple objectives in the form of towers and dragons, Astralis closed out the game in under 33 minutes.

19 Jun, 03:48 am

G2 Esports wins Spring finals rematch against Rogue on Day 2

G2 Esports repeated history by taking down Rogue yet again in the Summer split match. The team had an interesting draft with Yasuo, Yone, and Diana locked in. Despite a shaky start, G2 Esports was poised to win all team fights with its comp and it did just that. At the mid-way point, the team led in kills and gold and ended the game. Rogue has had a rough start to the split with two back-to-back defeats and will look to bounce back in its next match against MAD Lions.

18 Jun, 07:18 pm

Excel beats Fnatic on Day 2

Excel Esports (XL) defeated Fnatic on Day 2 of LEC 2022 Summer Split. For most part of the match, the two teams were almost even in terms of gold but soon XL picked up quick kills and turned to Baron Nashor. Soon after this, Fnatic's base was broke open and the game ended in under 30 minutes

18 Jun, 06:06 pm

Vitality picks up first win of Summer against Misfits

Vitality came out with all guns blazing on Day 2 as it took down Misfits Gaming in under 29 minutes, with four dragons and a Baron Nashor under its belt. Additionally, the team had picked up 23 kills against Misfit's four kills. Across the board, from top to bot, all five players of Vitality showed up big. Going into Day 3, Vitality will take on Team BDS and Misfits Gaming will lock horns against Astralis.

18 Jun, 04:50 pm

MAD Lions kicks off Summer split with a 2-0 win streak

MAD Lions had another exceptional match on the second day of the split as the team picked up its second consecutive win. Notably, all the games this split have been off to a rather slow start because of the Durability Update and the focus has shifted majorly to securing dragons. MAD Lions was focused on doing just that as the team collected dragons and a few extra kills. SK Gaming was unable to retort and was shut down and the final kill count was 2-15.

18 Jun, 03:59 pm

Astralis picks up a win against Team BDS

Astralis picked up its first win of the Summer Split against Team BDS, which has lost both its opening matches so far. Both Astralis and Team BDS have made crucial roster changes but these teams still have a long way to go in the split and prove their strength. Team BDS has roped in young players from Europe for their top and support roles. On the other, Astralis has brought back veterans Vizicsacsi and Xerxe.

18 Jun, 12:08 am

Fnatic Gets Its Revenge Over Rogue

The last time Fnatic and Rogue met was during the Spring Playoffs, Rogue took home the victory and on Day 1 of Summer, Fnatic got its revenge. Going into the matchup, many believed that this last game of the day would be full of surprises and entertaining to watch and the game lived up to the expectations. For the longest time, both the teams wouldn’t budge. Upset’s Draven and Wunder’s Gwen were crucial in Fnatic securing the win.

18 Jun, 12:01 am

G2 Esports Decimates Astralis on Day 1 of LEC

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022 representative G2 Esports kicked off its Summer Split with a decisive victory over Astralis in a 34-minute game. Astralis, despite all the roster changes, continued to put up a poor performance on Day 1 and will look to improve in the rest of the Super Week.

17 Jun, 07:22 pm

XL Stomps Misfits In LEC 2022 Summer Split Day 1 Without Dropping Kills

Excel Esports (XL) had a game of sheer dominance over Misfits on Day 1 of LEC 2022 Summer Split. At 20-minutes in the game, XL had eight kills and three dragons and Misfits had completely shut down. In 26-minutes, XL collected the Dragon Soul without even dropping kills.

17 Jun, 06:21 pm

SK Gaming Beats Team BDS in Game 2 of Super Week

Both SK Gaming and Team BDS were looking to rewrite their stories heading into the LEC 2022 Summer Split given that they were at the bottom of the standings in Spring. The second game was a long one that hit the 44-minute mark. SK Gaming showed up big after it collected Dragon Soul and also Baron Nashor while also decisively split pushing using its Camille pick.

17 Jun, 05:21 pm

MAD Lions Take First Win Against Team Vitality

MAD Lions kicked off its Summer Split in the LEC with a convincing win against Team Vitality in the opener. While Vitality opted for an interesting Sejuani top lane, MAD ran its comp with Zeri and Yuumi in the bottom lane. Notably, this was the first game for Nisqy with the MAD Lions. After winning a handful of team fights by a big margin and after translating it into a Baron Nashor pick, MAD Lions closed out the game.

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