Dota 2 Patch 7.32: Top 5 Heroes You Should Pick to Gain MMR


Dota 2 Patch 7.32: Top 5 Heroes You Should Pick to Gain MMR

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Nearly two weeks have passed since Dota 2 patch 7.32 was released, and some heroes are already making an instant impact in public matches
While some heroes have improved due to new buffs in the patch, there are also some that have remained strong from the previous patch.
Here are five heroes that you should spam in your pubs in patch 7.32 to gain MMR.

The Dota 2 community was hoping for a new patch to be delivered before The International 2022 (TI11), with players calling for nerfs for certain heroes like Puck and Marci. Finally, Valve decided to release Patch 7.32 during the group stages of ESL One Malaysia 2022, allowing the community to watch how the teams adapt to the newly released patch at the tournament. It has been two weeks since patch 7.32 released, and some heroes have re-emerged as favorites for the players as well as the pros.

Regardless of the new patch, all Dota 2 players will still want to earn more MMR (Matchmaking Rating). With that in mind, here is a list of five heroes that you should spam in your pubs in patch 7.32.

Top Five Heroes In Patch 7.32



Visage was a favorite amongst the pro players in patch 7.31 and is here to stay for the current patch as well. Visage was famous for its pushing potential as well as its ability to provide additional damage during teamfights.

In Patch 7.32, Visage was nerfed quite a bit, as the developers increased the mana cost of “Soul Assumption” while also reducing the attack damage bonus of its Aghanim's Scepter ability “Silent as the Grave”. However, in return Visage received a buff for its “Familiars” ability by having an increase in both attack range and stun effect radius on its little helpers.

In all brackets, Dotabuff reported that despite the hero’s low pick rate of 2.16%, players are still winning with Visage as its win rate remains at around 55%. Visage is enjoying the highest win rate in the current patch.



Omniknight has been absent from the competitive scene after his nerfs in Patch 7.31. The hero was not considered a viable option for most team strategies despite his abilities. However, he is slowly returning to the scene as Patch 7.32 brings significant changes to him.

Patch 7.32 saw that Omniknight’s ability, “Heavenly Grace” allows him to dispel both him and one of his allies upon casting. This was seen as a big change as previously, he could only cast it on either himself or his allies. Furthermore, “Hammer of Purity” saw an increase in attack damage percentage as well as a decrease in mana cost, making him a heavy hitter should players decide to play him in the offlane.

The newly released patch saw Omniknight’s pick rate and win rate increase tremendously. His pick rate went from 2% before the patch to almost 7% following the patch’s release. Also, his win rate increased from 52% to 55% after the patch.



Clinkz, like Omniknight, was absent from the competitive scene since the previous patch as teams did not see him as a viable carry option at the time. However, Clinkz may return to the spotlight as Patch 7.32 has been generous to the skeleton archer.

The new patch saw Clinkz receive a small buff on his “Burning Barrage” ability as the ability saw an increased number of arrows from 3/4/5/6 to 6. However, Clinkz also received a small increase in mana cost for both “Burning Barrage” and “Skeleton Walk”.

Clinkz’s pick rate has increased following the patch’s release, according to Dotabuff, going from a measly 4% to 10%. His win rate also increased from 50% to 56% in all brackets after the patch’s release.



Undying was a staple pick for most teams and players alike, during Patch 7.31, due to his potential to turn things around during a team fight while also being able to tank damage from enemies. Despite significant nerfs on Undying for the new patch, Undying is still standing strong in the patch.

Patch 7.32 saw Undying receive a massive nerf in both “Decay”” and “Tombstone” abilities. However, his talents in the skill tree saw a small buff in damage and cooldown for “Decay”. The nerfs were not enough as Undying is still standing strong despite the attempts to force him out of the meta.

According to Dotabuff, Undying saw a massive increase in pick rate, from 7% to 14% following the release of patch 7.32. Undying’s win rate also increased from 51% to almost 55% after the patch’s release.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander (LC)

Tresdin, the Legion Commander (LC) was also not seen in the competitive scene in Patch 7.31 as the hero was barely picked up by teams during the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. However, LC has made her competitive return following the recent patch.

Patch 7.32 saw LC receive buffs for most of her abilities such as “Overwhelming Odds” and “Duel”. Her talent tree also saw a slight buff in abilities. The “Moment of Courage” passive ability received upgrades in proc chance and lifesteal.

According to Dotabuff, Legion Commander has an impressive 53% win rate with a whopping 14% pick rate in all brackets.

Although these are the five strongest heroes, several others like Chen, Juggernaut, and Spectre are also being considered very powerful thanks to the recent changes they received in patch 7.32.

Even though patch 7.32 is still in its early stages, some Dota 2 heroes have already shown tremendous promise. There shall undoubtedly be more heroes and hero combos that may appear to be entirely broken in the days to come as the TI11 Regional Qualifiers continue.

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