Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

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  • We take a look at the top 5 worst heroes in patch 7.28 according to their win rate.
  • Patch 7.28 was released in the middle of December 2020 along with the new hero, Hoodwink.

Valve has presented afore us all-new abilities to try and test with the introduction of Aghanim’s Shards and Hoodwink in this patch 7.28. Also, certain heroes and items were hit with the nerf/buff hammer. As a result, we have witnessed certain heroes who were always overlooked come back into action while other popular ones have taken a steep fall. 

We take a look at the five worst heroes in this patch 7.28 as per their win rate from DotaBuff.

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Top 5 Worst Heroes In Patch 7.28 According To Win Rate

5. Enchantress

Enchantress seems to have a peculiar relation between pick rate in professional matches and its win rate in pubs. While the hero continues to get picked in the professional scene, its win rate in pubs has been awful in the last four patches. The hero has the fifth-lowest win rate at 44.55% in 7.28 even though none of her innate abilities was nerfed that hard in the update. Possibly, her Enchant cooldown, which was 20 seconds at level 1 was increased to 28 which could be the decisive factor in lanes. Considering the hero is mostly played as a position five, her effectiveness in the early stages of the lane seems to be effected. 

Also, Enchantress is more of a situational and a skill-based hero and that is the reason why we see her shining in pro matches where we witness it countering enemies and in the hands of signature players.

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

4. Tiny

Tiny is another hero that is quite the go-to choice for many professional players but like Enchantress, the hero has a meagre win rate as it currently stands at the fourth last position at 

44.52%. Tiny received a small yet monumental nerf in patch 7.28 when Avalanche damage in combination with Toss was reduced. One of Tiny’s primary strength was the fact that he could just solo kill squishy heroes with his Avalance and Toss Combo. This potency to provide a big burst of damage in a short period of time is what makes Tiny stong. 

Also, Tiny is another high skilled hero because Tossing an enemy into unfavourable places and an ally into a safe spot is not an easy task to achieve. This skill requirement is a big reason why Tiny had the 9th lowest win rate in 7.27 and the third lowest in 7.26 as well. Nerfs combined with the execution toughness is what potentially makes Tiny fall in the bottom positions of the win rate chart.

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

3. Nature’s Prophet

Nature’s Prophet finds itself as the hero with the third-lowest win rate at 44.05%. Similarly like Enchantress and Tiny, the hero gets his fair share of pick in pro matches but has a low win record in pubs. Tiny did not receive any significant nerfs in patch 7.28. His Treants were both buffed and nerfed at the same time while Sprout, in fact, received a buff. 

However, the hero has had a tradition of falling in the category of low win rate heroes. He was the lowest win rate character in the 7.27 patch that lasted nearly five months. His Aghanim’s Scepter change and the new Aghanim’s Shard was also nothing too major that could have potentially changed the hero’s fate. Although the hero does not require a very high prowess to play but to play to the best of its capacity, the hero does require a player with good micro abilities. Perhaps, this is the reason that the hero continues to have a low win rate.

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

2. Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light finds itself at a miserable second spot in terms of heroes with the lowest win rate at 42.21%. The hero received a rework in patch 7.28. Will-O-Wisp and Blinding Light were removed as the basic abilities and replaced with Solar Bind and Spirit Form(which was the hero’s Ultimate till Patch 7.20). Solar Bind lowers the magic resistance of an enemy hero as well as slows it based on how much it moves. All in all, the hero got the rework in the sense that all of its old and new abilities were put together in the four basic spells, the Aghanim’s Scepter and the Aghanim’s Shard.

These changes are probably the reason why the hero has such a shallow win rate. There have been only a few top tier professional matches in this current patch so players might not know how the hero will all the reworks needs to be accurately played. Unlike the other three heroes, Keeper of the Light does not have the lowest of win rates in previous patches but does still fall in the lower segments. 

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

1. Outworld Destroyer

The only hero in patch 7.28 with a win rate in the 30s is the one with a revamped name- Outworld Destroyer(previously Outworld Devourer). The Intelligence hero is the lowest win rate hero at 38.98%. OD received a complete overhauling of its skills in 7.28 and judging by the initial response of the hero, he was heavily nerfed. Valve provided the hero with some buffs in 7.28a but that does not seem to have changed the hero’s win rate. Perhaps, the biggest nerfs have been in terms of Astral Imprisonment which has a shortened duration now and no longer deals area damage. Introducing cooldown to Arcane Orb in the initial levels also has negatively affected the hero.

The hero currently has record low win rate as none of the previous five patches has seen a hero’s win rate fall down to the 30s. However, it is still early days into this 7.28 and with time, players might discover an effective way of playing the hero. 

Top 5 Worst Heroes to Play in Patch 7.28

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