Yatoro Offers Advice for Dota 2 Carry Players and Names Top Mid Lane Heroes

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Yatoro gives advice for aspiring carry players on how to be a better carry player
Yatoro also touches topics like Meta heroes and the unknown dangers of pursuing an esports career

Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk, carry player for Team Spirit and two-time TI champion, recently shared valuable advice for Dota 2 players on stream. During the broadcast, Yatoro emphasized the importance of farming efficiency and survival skills for carry players in matchmaking, asserting that mastering these skills can lead to success in the majority of games

Yatoro’s Advice for Carry Players, Opinion on Meta Heroes and More

According to Yatoro, regular carry players should focus on honing their farming techniques and minimizing deaths to increase their chances of winning matches.

"The (carry) role is very dependent on the situation," he said. "But in general, if you're just a regular carry, learn how to farm to win in matchmaking. Learn to farm and not die. You will most likely beat 90% of the games that aren't in the shadow pool," he added.

In addition to insights for carry players, Yatoro delved into the current meta mid lane heroes in the latest patch, 7.34d. He highlighted the significance of heroes capable of purchasing Blade Mail and Heart of Tarrasque while maintaining strong rotation capabilities.

He named Kunkka, Ogre Magi, Primal Beast, Earth Spirit, Invoker, and Lina as strong midlaners

The two-time TI champion's advice stems from a realistic assessment of the esports landscape, emphasizing the need for aspiring players to weigh the potential rewards against the inherent risks. Yatoro's cautionary stance echoes a broader conversation within the esports community about the challenges and uncertainties associated with pursuing a professional gaming career.

Yatoro's insights serve as a guide for aspiring players, shedding light on the nuanced aspects of carrying, the current midlane meta, and the potential pitfalls of an esports career. Dota 2 players and Yatoro fans can catch him live on Twitch to watch his streams.

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