xQc Ranks Dota 2 as S-Tier in Competitive Esports

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xQc ranks Dota 2 as a S-tier of competitive esports games, recognizing its intricate complexity and high level of difficulty.
StarCraft I and II join Dota 2 in the S-tier, showcasing xQc's appreciation for the immense skill required in these renowned real-time strategy games.
xQc positions League of Legends in the A-tier, highlighting the distinction he perceives between Dota 2 and its rival in terms of competitiveness and complexity.

Dota, Starcraft II and Starcraft I in S-Tier

In a recent move that caught the attention of the gaming community, popular Twitch streamer Félix "xQc" Lengyel created his tier list of the most competitive esports games, placing Dota 2 at the highest S-tier spot right from the start. Known for his entertaining streams and candid opinions, xQc cited the game's intricate complexity and high level of difficulty as the primary reasons for its top-tier ranking. This declaration comes as no surprise to those familiar with xQc's appreciation for Dota 2, as he previously praised the game's "soul" and distinguished it from its rival League of Legends. The connection between his recent tier list and his prior statements sheds light on xQc’s fascination with Dota 2's distinct qualities.

“Most high skill or most competitive esport tier list… Chat, watch this, watch this. Highest skill cap game. Hold up, hold up. Dota. Dota definitely, Starcraft 2. Okay, I say League (League of Legends) in A, League in A for sure. Valorant in C. Information isn’t skill cap. Using information is skill cap, if its hard. That’s why Dota a lot of information but its hard to use, so its S. Even if you have information but using information is difficult, its just how it is,” he said.

In a noteworthy contrast, xQc positioned League of Legends, Riot Games' massively popular MOBA title, in the A-tier, just below the S-tier ranking. This placement highlights the distinction he perceives between Dota 2 and League of Legends in terms of competitiveness and complexity. While League of Legends boasts its own vibrant esports scene and fiercely dedicated player base, xQc's tier list suggests that Dota 2, StarCraft I, and StarCraft II present greater challenges and require a higher level of skill to navigate successfully.

In xQc's tier list of the most competitive esports games, his placement of Dota 2 in the S-tier spot reflects his profound respect and admiration for the game. By recognizing its complexity and high level of difficulty, xQc acknowledges the unique qualities that make Dota 2 stand out among its peers. The inclusion of StarCraft I and II alongside Dota 2 in the S-tier further emphasizes his appreciation for the skill and mastery required in these iconic real-time strategy games.

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