Arteezy: Europe Server is Trash and Easier Than NA

Dhruv Saikia
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Arteezy at Dreamheack
In his recent livestream, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev recently claimed that Europe pubs are trash and that it is easier to play in than in North America.
It is surprising as teams from Europe have been dominating the competitive Dota 2 landscape and North America is infamous for lower-quality pubs.
Arteezy's remarks may be laced with sarcasm, as indicated by his playful exaggeration and previous tweets expressing dissatisfaction with the US East servers.

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, the renowned Dota 2 player and carry player for Shopify Rebellion, has recently made a highly anticipated return to streaming after a prolonged absence, delighting his eager fan base. As the North American (NA) Dota 2 scene is often associated with lower-quality pub games, Europe (EU) has long been regarded as a dominant region, with European teams consistently excelling in the professional Dota 2 scene. However, Arteezy's recent statement during his streams has taken many by surprise, as he expressed a contrasting opinion about the pub games in these two regions. Arteezy boldly claimed that European pubs are "trash" and suggested that playing in EU is comparatively easier than in NA.

Europe is easier than North America

In his recent livestream, Arteezy gave his thoughts about the quality of pub games and why he only plays his games on the US East servers. 

“I always play US East server because Europe is trash. My boy Quinn you know, he just goes to Europe and sh*ts on everyone. It looks like its actually easier to play in Europe server than NA. Because in NA you have your teammates trying to throw, like ruin the game, so you kind of have this 1v9 mentality every game you play. But in Europe, you actually have teammates, so,” he said.

While Arteezy's statement may have taken some by surprise, it is worth considering whether his remarks were laced with sarcasm. The way he expresses his opinion, particularly the notion of EU being a region with genuine teammates where the burden of carrying alone is lessened, suggests a hint of playful exaggeration. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Arteezy had previously tweeted about the US East servers, referring to them as “dogsh*t” and calling on Valve to address the situation. These instances raise the possibility that his recent comments about European pubs being "trash" and easier to play in than NA may be more tongue-in-cheek than literal observations.

Arteezy's bold claim about EU pubs being "trash" and comparatively easier to play in than NA may spark discussions and debates among fans. Whether his statement was made in jest or stemmed from personal experiences, it highlights the divergent perceptions of the quality and competitiveness of Dota 2 pub games in EU and NA.

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