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Xiao8 Talks About Coaching PSG.LGD

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During a recent post-match winner's interview, PSG.LGD's coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning talked about coaching the team.
Xiao8 added that he found it the easiest to communicate with captain Zhang "y'" Yiping since they had similar ideas on the game.
With regards to the other players, xiao8 stated that they were different individually and that it was important to find a means to successfully communicate, but the shared objective of winning brought them together nevertheless.

PSG.LGD has undoubtedly been the most consistent Dota 2 team in recent years as it has consistently presented top results in Majors, The International (TI), and third-party Dota 2 competitions. While the five players on the squad are among the finest in their positions, PSG.LGD's coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning has also played a pivotal role in the team's success by bringing his knowledge and ideas to the table. During a recent post-match winner's interview, xiao8 discussed coaching the five players on the team. He stated that he found it easier to speak with captain Zhang "y`" Yiping since they had similar perspectives on the game. Other players, according to xiao8, have rather individualistic personalities, yet they all share the same aim of winning together.

Coach xiao8 says it is the easiest to talk to captain y` in PSG.LGD

Coach xiao8 came for the post-match winner's interview following PSG.LGD's key 2-0 series win against Team Aster in the China Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1. This win keeps the team in contention for the PGL Arlington Major. Xiao8 was asked about the easiest person to coach and if there were any players who were relatively stubborn.

According to xiao8, it is the easiest to communicate with y` thanks to their similar outlook on the game. The other players are more focused on themselves, xiao8 mentioned that it was crucial to have effective communication, but since everyone wants to win, finding the way to do it becomes easier.

“For me, it’s the easiest to talk to the captain y because we share some general ideas. We have the same picture for the general game, and the rest of the players, they are very individual. They have different individual personalities and you want to choose a way to fit them, to have good communication with them, but I think we share the common goal which is to win so, in general, it’s easy to talk to them but I focus on different stuff.”

As seen by the team's successful results, xiao8’s approach to coaching has seemingly been functioning effectively. In Tour 3 of the DPC 2021-22, PSG.LGD seemed to have slacked off initially, bringing itself dangerously close to relegation at one point, but then it showed its true potential in the final two series against Royal Never Give Up and Team Aster, taking comprehensive 2-0 victories.

The victories have necessitated an intriguing four-way tiebreaker which includes PSG. LGD, Xtreme Gaming, Team Aster, and Aster. Aries for the final three Major positions from China. Royal Never Give Up had already secured the slot earlier. According to xiao8, Aster.Aries may not make it through these tiebreakers because of its relative inexperience.

“I think it will be Aries because the rest three of us are more experienced and can have better preparation going into that tiebreaker.”

Qualifying for the PGL Arlington Major will let PSG.LGD compete against teams from different regions for the first time in 2022. While xiao8 did not mention any specific teams, he stated that he is looking forward to facing the most potent team from each region in order to assess where his squad currently stands.

“Since this could be our first offline international event, we haven’t played any other interregional teams this year so I wish to test the water. I wish to play the strong teams from each region so I can tell what level we are at right now. That’s what I am looking for.”

The exciting four way tiebreaker involving PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Xtreme Gaming, and Aster.Aries will take place on 17th July.

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