Which Memes Do the Dota Characters in the Steam Cover Artwork Make Reference to?

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Steam 20th anniversary


Picture credit: Valve

Valve has unveiled a commemorative artwork laden with references to their iconic titles, internet memes, and a heartwarming dose of nostalgia.
The artwork features Easter eggs referencing beloved Steam games, iconic internet memes, and even Valve employees.
Artwork referencing different memes using character from Steam games

In the world of gaming, milestones are measured not only in years but in the collective memories of millions of gamers worldwide. In 2023, a significant anniversary looms large on the horizon as Steam marks its 20th year in operation. To commemorate this extraordinary journey, Valve has unveiled a commemorative artwork laden with references to their iconic titles, internet memes, and a heartwarming dose of nostalgia.

This artistic tribute takes the form of a meticulously crafted twenty-one-panel comic strip. It serves as a vivid chronicle, encapsulating Steam's evolution from its unassuming inception in 2003 to its current status as an undeniable gaming colossus. Each panel in this visual odyssey captures a pivotal juncture in Steam's history, accompanied by captions that either offer context or inject humor into the unfolding narrative.

The cover artwork itself is a veritable treasure trove of Easter eggs, cleverly incorporating references to beloved Steam games, iconic internet memes, and even playful nods to Valve employees. This of course includes Dota 2 and some of its iconic heroes.

Dota 2 Heroes Features in Steam Celebrations

Crystal Maiden

Conduit of the Blueheart Persona for Crystal Maiden


Crystal Maiden makes an uncanny reference to Elsa from the Disney film Frozen. The Dota 2 community has long associated Crystal Maiden, a ranged intelligence hero, with Elsa from "Frozen." This is because of a number of similarities between the two characters, including their icy powers, their blonde hair, and their blue outfits. 

The reference to Elsa as a meme in the Steam anniversary artwork is a humorous and whimsical way to acknowledge the association between CM and Elsa. Moreover, this was featured on the 2013 artwork page to commemorate the official launch of Dota 2 and coincidentally also the release year of Frozen.


Snapfire and her faithful steed Mortimer are depicted on the cover artwork, flawlessly replicating the essence of the internet meme "Woman screaming at cat," which also swept the web in 2019. The artist made a brilliant decision to include such adorableness! 

In addition, the artwork is featured in the 2019 artwork strip to commemorate the release of Dota underlords and Steam Remote play.


Invoker &amp; a young Filomena in DOTA Dragon's Blood

While Invoker from the Netflix series "Dota: Dragon's Blood" might be notably absent from the cover artwork, the 2021 artwork strip pays a fitting tribute to this enigmatic character. Invoker is portrayed as Agnes Harkness Winking, a reference to a popular reaction image and video featuring Agnes (Agatha Harkness) from the 2021 Marvel superhero comedy "WandaVision." The acclaimed Netflix animation "Dota: Dragon's Blood" officially premiered in 2021, drawing praise and applause from the Dota community.

To further enhance the jubilation surrounding this milestone, Steam is extending its generosity by offering an array of free goodies in the Steam Points shop. 

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