[Watch] 5 Heralds Failed, What About 5 Guardians? Gorgc Takes On Quinn Challenge

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>5 Heralds Failed, What About 5 Guardians? Gorgc Takes On Quinn Challenge</p></div>
5 Heralds Failed, What About 5 Guardians? Gorgc Takes On Quinn Challenge


Gorgc took on Quinn's challenge and faced five Guardian-ranked Dota 2 players with Bristleback in a thrilling Dota 2 showdown.
Guardians adjusted their strategy against Gorgc, opting not to tri-lane mid, but still struggled against his aggressive playstyle and item progression.
Gorgc ended up dominating with a Divine Rapier purchase and fountain dove to secure an Ultra Kill to triumph in the 1v5 challenge.

Earlier this week, Dota 2 content creator and analyst, Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins, organized a match between Quinn "Quinn" Callahan from Gaimin Gladiators and five Herald Rank players.

While the heralds fought valiantly they were no match for Quinn’s Bristleback.

Intrigued by this idea, popular Dota 2 streamer, Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, decided to re-create a similar match, taking it up a notch by going against five Guardian ranked players. 

The conditions of the match were that the hero picks needed to be the same as the original video and only players ranked either Guardian 1 or Guradian 2 were allowed to participate with a few exceptions.

Gorgc Goes Against Five Guardians to Replicate Quinn’s Challenge

During a casual Friday streaming session on 5th April 2024, Dota 2 streamer Gorgc decided to partake in the Quinn challenge and invited his viewers with Guardian Rank to play against him. 

The conditions of the challenge were as follows,

  • Gorgc vs Five Guardian Ranked Players

  • Same Hero Drafts as Quinn vs Heralds

  • No Smurfs Allowed

While the lobby creation was insanely chaotic as many of his viewers tried to sneak their way into the game to play with their favorite streamer, the dust eventually settled and the match began with excitement in the air.

Learning from the mistakes committed by Heralds, the Guardians decided not to tri-lane mid and put Puck alone there. However, a support Vengeful Spirit, lurked around the mid lane for any immediate assistance that Puck may require against Gorgc’s Bristleback.

The mid-lane went smoothly with a bit of hit trading and aggression until Gorgc realized he was playing too passively and decided to turn things up.

As a result of this new found aggression, Gorgc was able to secure his first major item, Bloodstone in the eighth minute of the game. Needless to say, it got even more difficult to kill Gorgc’s Bristleback and the Guardians struggled to bring him down.

Following Quinn’s strategy, Gorgc opted for Boots of Travels next to ensure that he could be present in any lanes that required immediate defense. By the 16th minute mark, Gorgc already had a beyond godlike streak as he went around the map rampantly and killed any Hero he laid his eyes on. 

The game eventually ended after Gorgc picked up a Divine Rapier and decided to fountain dive and secure an Ultra Kill at the 26th minute.

After the game, Gorgc joked “Is it time to Crusader? Is it time to go one step up?” and further said that he was concerned when the Guardians started to split push but thanks to the huge gold advantage the solo player gets in a 1 vs 5 scenarios, things went smooth for him.

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