Valve announces the "True Sight Week"


Valve to Release Updated Versions of Past True Sights

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Valve has said on the Battle Pass blog that it will be releasing updated versions of previous True Sights.
These updated True Sight versions, which will include "all-new pop-up facts" will be released in the week preceding the premiere of TI10's True Sight.
The TI10 True Sight is scheduled to be released on 24th September.

With all the buzz around the recent release of The International 11 (TI11)'s Battle Pass, one aspect that has gone largely unnoticed is that Valve will release updated versions of its previous True Sights. Through the Battle Pass blog, Valve communicated that in the week leading up to the release of TI10's True Sight, which will portray Team Spirit's final journey to win the tournament, viewers will have access to some newer information about what transpired during the finals of some significant Valve Dota 2 events in the past. The TI10 True Sight is scheduled to be released on 24th September.

Valve announces the "True Sight Week"

“Prepare for the September 24th premiere of an all-new True Sight by spending a week with updated versions of the previous episodes — featuring all-new pop-up facts on things you might have missed,” Valve said, getting the Dota 2 community excited for the “True Sight Week.”

Following the unveiling of the updated versions, TI10's True Sight will be livestreamed on 24th September.

It is not clear if Valve will update True Sights for only TIs or also for the Kiev Major 2017, where OG defeated, the only other Valve-sponsored Dota 2 event that has a True Sight. In the case of TIs, True Sights have been released for TI7, TI8, TI9, and TI10 will be the fourth consecutive release.

TI10's True Sight trailer was released on 14th August, and you can view it through the link below.

As part of Valve's documentary series, this episode will show behind-the-scenes footage of Spirit's 3-2 win over tournament favorites PSG.LGD in the grand final of TI10. It will be defined by game-changing plays, team discussions about strategy and motivation, and feelings of both delight and heartbreak.

As there are still 20 days left until the long-awaited release of TI10 True Sight, Dota 2 fans can focus their attention on the Battle Pass and the regional qualifiers for TI11 which are scheduled to begin in South America and Eastern Europe on 3rd September.

The Battle Pass for this year is split into two parts, with the first having released on 1st September and the second releasing in conjunction with Dota's Diretide on 3rd November. The qualifiers for North America, Western Europe, China, and Southeast Asia will also be held in the next few days to determine the final teams going to Singapore in October.

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