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Valve Sanctions beastcoast for K1’s Racial Slur Against Febby

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4D Esports and Valve have penalized beastcoast after its carry player Héctor Antonio "K1" Rodriguez used a racial slur against Kim "Febby" Yong-min during a Dota 2 ranked game.
K1 will be forced to sit out of beastcoast's final series of the SA DPC 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1 against Thunder Awaken on 15th July. As a team, the team will need a stand-in carry player.
Prior to this penalty, beastcoast and Febby had published statements after the incident got widespread notice on social media.

South American team beastcoast has been penalized by Valve after its carry player Héctor Antonio "K1" Rodriguez used a racial slur against Kim "Febby" Yong-min during a recent Dota 2 ranked game. The organizer of the South American (SA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22, 4D Esports, announced on Twitter that after a mutual decision with Valve on this incident, beastcoast will not be allowed to compete with K1 in its final series of Tour 3 against Thunder Awaken. As a result of this, the team will need to find a replacement. Beastcoast might suffer a big loss due to this sanction as this is an important series to qualify for the PGL Arlington Major.

Valve forces K1 to sit out of beastcoast’s series against Thunder Awaken

“We publicly share with you the joint decision with Valve to punish Beastcoast in their next series against Thunder Awaken, regarding the derogatory comments made by Héctor "K1" Rodriguez,” 4D Esports announced on Twitter, adding that the team will be forced to play without K1 in its series against Thunder Awaken on 15th July.

This sanction comes after K1 crossed the line and used a racial slur towards Febby while playing together in the same lane during a recent Dota 2 ranked match. It was the same racist remark used by Carlo "Kuku" Palad in 2018, which resulted in his suspension from The Chongqing Major and the WESG 2018.

The incident attracted a lot of attention on social media, prompting Febby and beastcoast to publish statements on their Twitter accounts.

Febby stated that K1 had sent him a "sincere apology through dms," which he had accepted. He also stated that he was not very upset by it since he was used to the toxicity that is pervasive in Dota 2 games. At the same time, Febby urged the Dota 2 community to be friendlier to one another in games, citing toxicity as the reason he has recently played more Valorant than Dota 2.

In a statement on 13th July, beastcoast stated that it was disappointed by K1's use of racial slurs as it does not tolerate such derogatory remarks. As a result, it was taking the "necessary course of disciplinary action" and providing education to its players.

In light of K1 sitting out the series against Thunder Awaken, beastcoast has yet to announce his replacement.

After six series, beastcoast and Thunder Awaken are both tied for first place with five wins each. The winning team will receive an invite to the PGL Arlington Major. The loser's Major qualification depends on Infamous' final series.

After six series, Infamous has four victories and two defeats, and its final series will be against Hokori, which will take place before the beastcoast versus Thunder Awaken series. Given that Hokori is presently the lowest seed with only one win after six series, Infamous is quite likely to win this last showdown.

In this circumstance, the loser of beastcoast versus Thunder Awaken will be forced into a tiebreaker with Infamous. However, if Infamous loses, the loser of Beastcoast vs Thunder Awaken will secure SA's second slot in the PGL Arlington Major.

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