Valve Reveals More Details About TI12 Regional Qualifiers

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The International Regional Qualifiers</p></div>
The International Regional Qualifiers


Valve has announced additional details regarding the upcoming Regional Qualifiers, including dates and slots for each region.
South America (SA) and Western Europe (WEU) get 2 slots each while all other regions are allotted only 1 slot.
There has been no mention of Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) which may indicate that Valve will not be hosting LCQs for TI12.

As The International draws near, Valve has provided more information about the upcoming Regional Qualifiers. These qualifiers will determine the remaining slots for TI12, with the top 12 teams from the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) receiving direct invitations. There have been a few surprises in the announcement, such as some regions getting 2 slots, while others have gotten just 1 slot. There has been no mention of the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ), which may mean that Valve will be skipping the community-favorite event this time around. 

The International Regional Qualifiers: Dates and Slot Allocation

According to Valve, once the Bali Major 2023 concludes, the top 12 teams in the DPC standings will be invited to compete at The International 12. The remaining teams will compete in six Regional Qualifiers throughout August. Here are the dates and slot allocations for each region:

  • North America and China: August 17th-21st (1 slot each)

  • South America and Eastern Europe: August 22nd-26th (2 slots for South America, 1 slot for Eastern Europe)

  • Southeast Asia and Western Europe: August 27th-31st (2 slots for Western Europe, 1 slot for Southeast Asia)

From the announcement, it was surprising to see SA and WEU receive 2 slots each, which is surprising considering the regional qualifiers in the past would only have 1 slot for each region. The increase to 2 slots each for SA and WEU may be reflective of the region’s performance on the international stage. Additionally, this format leads to The International 12 having a total of 20 teams, similar to TI11, where 2 additional teams were added from the Last Chance Qualifiers. 

For teams outside the top 12 in the DPC standings, the Regional Qualifiers represent a grueling challenge and their last opportunity to secure a place at TI12. However, teams from South America and Western Europe will breathe a bit easier, as the extra slots provide them with increased chances to qualify.

The excitement surrounding The Bali Majo is reaching a crescendo as the top eighteen teams prepare to converge in Indonesia. From June 29th to July 3rd, fans can catch the thrilling Group Stage action live online, followed by the Playoffs from July 5th to July 9th. Dota 2 enthusiasts can stay up to date with the tournament's teams and match standings on the official Dota 2 esports website (

With the announcement of the Regional Qualifiers, Valve has set the stage for an exhilarating road to The International. Dota 2 fans worldwide can anticipate more news and updates about the upcoming qualifiers and TI12 in the weeks to come. As the Dota 2 scene prepares for its biggest tournament of the year, teams from every region of the world will be vying for the chance to win the Aegis of Champions. 

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