Valve Officially Reveals Major Locations For DPC 2023 Season


Valve Officially Reveals Major Locations For DPC 2023 Season

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Following the start of the 2022/2023 Dota Pro Circuit, Valve has officially revealed the locations of the upcoming Majors.
Lima, Peru is officially confirmed to be the location of Valve’s first ever South American Major for the currently ongoing Winter Tour.
Berlin, Germany & Bali, Indonesia are also announced as the other two locations for the upcoming Majors.

After months of speculation, Valve has officially revealed its locations for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Majors for the upcoming season. Following the conclusion of the 2021/2022 DPC season, many people have begun to speculate the locations of the DPC Majors for the 2023 season with initial leaks reporting that the two of the three Majors will be held in Peru & Indonesia.

However, following the initial reports from Peru regarding ongoing protests within the country many believed that Valve would reconsider its plans to hold the Major in Peru.

Valve reveals Lima Major, Berlin Major & Bali Major

With the 2023 DPC season officially kicked off, Dota 2 publishers Valve have announced its plans and locations for the upcoming Majors during the 2023 season as well as its seasonal supporters pack for teams participating in the DPC league.

According to the announcement by Valve, it was officially revealed that the Majors for the 2023 DPC season will be held in 3 separate locations. The Major event for the currently ongoing Winter Tour will be held in Lima, Peru and will be under the production of 4D Esports. This announcement also officially makes it Valve's first South American event in the region as the Major will begin on 24th February.

The Major event for the Spring Tour will be held at Berlin, Germany, under the production of ESL from 28th April to 7th May. While initial leaks reported that the Major would be held in Katowice, Poland, it appears that the tournament will make its first appearance at the capital of Germany.

The final Major of the Summer tour will be held in the sunny conditions of Bali, Indonesia from 30th June to 8th July. While Indonesia has had a Valve event in the form of the GESG Indonesia Minor in 2018, the event left a sour taste with the teams and talent involved following the organizers failure to remunerate.

However, it appears that Valve is looking to make up for its past mistakes by announcing Indonesia’s first ever Major event as the country is well-known to have passionate fans of the game. Additionally, the event will be handled by Malaysian-based company IO Esports who are known for handling third-party Dota 2 tournaments in the past. However, this Major will be the organization’s first DPC event.

Fans can keep in touch with the currently ongoing season with Valve’s official DPC website while we will continue to provide match coverage for the upcoming events as the season progresses.

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