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Tundra Esports Demolishes OG to End Its Winning Streak

Rakshak Kathuria
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Tundra Esports dominated OG in Tour 3 of the DPC 2021-22 to take a 2-0 series win.
Both teams were on an equal footing prior to the series, however, based on their recent results and form, Tundra's hero choices and execution were considerably superior to OG's.
Tundra Esports will next play against Team Secret on 21st June whereas OG shall play against Entity on 18th June.

When Tundra Esports faced OG in Tour 3 of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22, Tundra seemed determined to avenge its loss to the team in the lower bracket final of the Stockholm Major 2022. Tundra left no stone unturned to dominate OG all across the board and take a 2-0 win. Before the series, both teams were on an equal footing considering their recent results and form, but as it turned out, Tundra’s hero picks and execution were far superior to OG’s. After winning seven consecutive series, which included the grand final at the Stockholm Major 2022, OG suffers its first loss.

OG vs Tundra Esports: Match Recap and Highlights


In game 1, ATF surprised everyone by playing like a position four on Void Spirit in order to allow Taiga's Enigma the farm and room to become stronger. It looked to be a brilliant play as OG led by 6k networth at around the 18 minute mark until Tundra made a splendid turnaround. Tundra rolled over OG in a short amount of time to end the game in 33 minutes, playing extremely aggressively. What appeared to be a decent move by ATF and his teammates initially did not turn out to be the greatest in the end.

Tundra Esports dominated game 2. Both teams had faith in their hero picks, which were quite identical to the first one. Nine’s hero choice was particularly different and intriguing as he played a mid Void Spirit this time. Tundra completely conquered all three lanes with outstanding micro skills and maintained this momentum to find opponent kills. In barely 17 minutes, ATF realized there wasn't much left in the game for OG and called 'GG.'


Here are some highlights of the series.

Tundra appears to have a perfect comprehension of the patches, as witnessed in many of the team's games, it looks to be the favored side during the draft itself. Offlaner Neta "33" Shapira is particularly an unbeatable force if he gets his hands on one of his three signature heroes - Lycan, Beastmaster, or Visage - even if the matchup isn't favorable. Also, midlaner Leon "Nine" Kirilin displays exceptional flexibility, which allows him to dominate the midlane with a variety of heroes.

OG came in today with the position four Enigma tactic, which has worked well in the past, but Tundra made sure to completely exploit it today. Tundra prevented OG's heroes from finding farm on the map and maintained a high level of aggression throughout. OG will most likely rethink its plans following this setback, given it is the first time in a long time that it has taken such a battering.

Tundra Esports will next play against Team Secret on 21st June whereas OG shall play against Entity on 18th June.

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