TORONTOTOKYO Thinks That Valve Should Release Patch 7.33 After Lima Major

Ammar Aryani
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>TORONTOTOKYO with Team Spirit at the Gamers Galaxy 2022</p></div>
TORONTOTOKYO with Team Spirit at the Gamers Galaxy 2022


BetBoom Team support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek recently made his thoughts about the upcoming patch well-known.
He noted that Valve should release the patch after the Lima Major, as a release before the event could hinder every team’s strategies.
Patch 7.33 is expected to be released in the weeks to come.

BetBoom Team's support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek recently gave his thoughts on the upcoming patch release during his livestream on Twitch. BetBoom Team, along with Team Spirit and HellRaisers have recently been confirmed as Eastern Europe’s (EEU) representative for the upcoming Lima Major with BetBoom Team being undefeated in the regional league.

However, he noted that a major patch release right before the upcoming Major could hinder not only his team, but other team’s momentum as well.

“Major, I think, should be on the old patch” - TORONTOTOKYO on upcoming patch release

During a recent livestream according to, BetBoom Team’s TORONTOTOKYO talked about the upcoming Patch 7.33 release amongst other things. Following the conclusion of the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit (EEU DPC):Winter Tour, BetBoom Team players were given time off before making preparations for the upcoming Major. 

When a viewer asked him about the possibility of the patch releasing before the Major, the TI10 (The International 2021) winner responded by saying that the developers of the game should release the patch after the Lima Major. However, he also noted that there should be a minor patch before the Major to help resolve certain issues. “For the upcoming Major, I think, teams should be playing on the current patch. Maybe some heroes should be fixed, but they should be minor changes.” he said.

He then added on by saying that a major patch release right before the Lima Major could not only disturb the teams that are currently playing in Division II of the DPC, it could also hinder all of the invited teams’ preparation in terms of drafting and strategies.

“There's not much time left [in terms of drafting strategies should the patch be released before the Major], and the second division is still playing,” he added.

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The last major patch, Patch 7.32 was released last year in August during the group stages of ESL One Malaysia 2022 and is expected to become one of the game’s longest major patches in history should Patch 7.33 be released after the Lima Major.

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