TORONTOTOKYO Reflects on His Support Role, Says He’s Happy With His Progress


TORONTOTOKYO Reflects on His Support Role Progress, Says He’s Satisfied

Dorjee Palzang
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TI Winner TORONTOTOKYO reflected on his transition to support and said that he's happy with his progress.
He hoped to win tournaments in the upcoming year and also talked about some of his other goals for the new year.

During a recent update on Telegram, BetBoom Team’s Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek reflected on his move to position five support from his previous role as a solo mid laner. TORONTOTOKYO transferred to BetBoom Team in December 2022 as a position five support, thus shocking the Dota 2 world. He won The International (TI) 2021 with Team Spirit as its solo mid-laner and hence a TI-winning mid-laner transitioning into a position five support was rather unusual. However, the pro is pleasantly satisfied with the performance he put in during the previous competitive season.

TORONTOTOKYO’s Transition To Pos 5 Support & His Experience Thus Far

It should be noted that TORONTOTOKYO has been a solo mid-player ever since he started his Dota 2 career with Yellow Submarine in 2015 and later with Team Spirit. TORONTOTOKYO won The International 2021 with Team Spirit and etched his name in the history of Dota 2 esports.

TORONOTOTOKYO, who transitioned to support after his move to BetBoom Team, took to Telegram to talk about his experience in the new role. According to a transcript given by, he said, “It was not so bad, the result was satisfactory for me. Of course, I would like more, but not quite everything is bad. Therefore, in principle, I am more or less satisfied.

TORONTOTOKYO said he was pleased with his progress as a position five support and noted that he grew as a player during the 2023 season. Keeping that in mind, he said that he was overall pleased with his progress both as a player and a position five support. 

He added, “Therefore, it was still a fruitful year for me, I am pleased. Next year I will continue to play, get better every day a little, I will try, also go to the gym and so on. Finally, tournaments: of course, you want to win tournaments. Happy New Year everyone!

His transition to support and transfer to BetBoom Team was shrouded in mystery and no reason was given for his transfer. But in an interview during The International 2023, Team Spirit’s llya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk gave some context around Spirit parting ways with TORONTOTOKYO. 

Yatoro said that there were in-game disagreements with TORONTOTOKYO and that Team Spirit needed a change in its roster. Yatoro remarked “TORONTOTOKYO left the team because I think we needed a replacement. We had in-game disagreements with him.

Notably, TORONTOTOKYO isn’t the only player to transition to a support role after winning TI as a core. OG’s Sébastien "Ceb” Debs came out of retirement to play as the position five support for OG in 2023. Ceb won The International 2018 and The International 2019 as an offlaner. 

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