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Topson Says He Is Ready to Get Back to Pro Dota 2

Rakshak Kathuria
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In a recent livestream, Topson finally acknowledged that he is ready to return to professional play after being away from the competitive scene for around six months.
Topson said he might not participate in this year's TI, citing the lack of a team to play for at the moment. He expects to return in 2023.
Moreover, Topson believes that this potential return will be seen in Europe because it is the most competitive region.

Soon after The International 10 (TI10), OG midlaner Topias Miikka "Topson" Taavitsainen decided to take a break from competitive play, and since then, he has been livestreaming the game a lot on Twitch. He has been asked when he will return to professional play for the past few months now, and while he has outlined some factors that have to be met, Topson finally acknowledged in a recent livestream that he is ready to return to the game. When it comes to playing professionally, he said there were both enjoyable and tedious aspects, but he has enjoyed this time off now and is “kind of ready” to return. However, Topson, citing that he does not have a team to play for at the moment, said he might not participate in this year's TI.

Topson says he is ready to return to professional Dota 2 but might not play at TI11

When Topson was asked by a user to watch the True Sight during his 29th April livestream, he answered that he had watched enough of it to pass the next two years. However, he went on to explain that True Sight brings back very good memories for him, gets him pumped up, and is one of the reasons he plays on. Following these remarks, Topson stated that he wishes to be at another True Sight event one day, expressing his readiness to compete again. Despite the fact that his comeback might not happen this year, he said it will probably happen in 2023.

“I have had enough True Sight for another couple years. I watched this so many times already. It’s good memories though, very good memories. It keeps me…it always fires you up a little bit. You are like - damn, I really wish I could be there again. That’s why I am still playing guys. One day, I want to be in another True Sight," said Topson.

"That’s the goal. Do I miss playing professionally? Yeah, of course, there are a lot of things about it I miss but there are also a lot of things that were tiring but I feel like I have had my time off. I feel like I am kind of ready but I am probably skipping this TI though. No team, you know, no team. Probably next year though, probably next year. I never said I am retired. I am on a break.”

Topson's return sparked excitement in the Twitch chat, with 'POGs' being spammed by everyone.

Twitch chat's reaction on Topson announcing his intention to playing pro Dota 2 again

Furthermore, it is Topson’s belief that this potential return will be seen in the European region because it remains the most competitive. He also explained that Europe has become the strongest region in the past few years given TI’s recent history.

“I am very doubtful about anywhere else but Europe. I wanna have good chances. That’s the place to be. You wanna be there where the competition is. I strongly believe that. I still strongly believe that EU Dota is the… it’s at least how I see Dota. That’s the way I wanna play it. I don’t like the playstyle of other regions so much. I mean it shows right - last 3 TIs, last 4. I mean, of course, Spirit is CIS but they are still the same region. Those are the teams you are gonna play against in scrims and stuff. So, the last four years have all been from there.”

In any case, Topson's return with his massive fan base would surely be a big deal, especially since many of the members of the iconic 2018-19 OG roster are no longer playing professionally. At the moment, the two-time TI champion continues to stream regularly on Twitch to a large audience.

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