Topson Opens Up About His Guilty Pleasures, Favorite Moments

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Tundra Esports' Topson reveals his guilty pleasure of playing unconventional mid-heroes in Dota 2, relishing the challenge and fun it brings.
Topson fondly recalls winning his first TI with OG, describing it as an incredible and exciting experience, alongside the joy of becoming a father.
If he could learn any skill instantly, Topson wishes for teleportation, envisioning the convenience of traveling anywhere in the world at will. Skiter also shares insights on Topson's personality and quirks.

In a recent interview at ESL DreamLeague Season 21, Tundra Esports' Topson discussed a variety of topics, including his guilty pleasures, favorite moments, and what he would do if he could learn any new skill or hobby instantly.

Topson talks about his guilty pleasures, exciting moments, and more

Topson, whose innovative gameplay has earned him a special place in the hearts of Dota 2 fans worldwide, admitted to having a guilty pleasure when it comes to choosing mid-heroes. In a recent interview, he confessed his penchant for selecting "dangerous" mid-heroes like Bane or Dazzle, even though he acknowledges their ineffectiveness in the current meta.

"I mean sure yeah there's like some mid-heroes that I want to play that are awful so that's like kind of my guilty pleasure sometimes I bust out some Bane or Dazzle mid on it you know I feel sorry for my teammates once they lose but and I tried to have some fun with you," Topson said.

Despite his experimental choices, Topson finds joy in the challenge of making unconventional heroes work in the mid-lane and takes pride in his successes.

However, it's not all about guilty pleasures for Topson. He cherishes his career's defining moment, which was winning his first The International (TI) tournament with OG. Describing it as an "incredible experience," Topson emphasized the significance of this achievement in his career.

"Experience and moments like first TI like my first like team like like you know since joining OG then yeah it was it was very exciting I mean that's probably one of them and of course like becoming a father that was one of them like one of the most exciting moments also so yeah," Topson said.

When asked about a skill or hobby he'd like to learn instantly, Topson didn't hesitate to express his desire for teleportation. He envisions a world where he can effortlessly travel anywhere, anytime."Teleport, go anywhere and travel how easy is it that? go to the grocery store? teleport," he said.

Topson will be making an attempt to secure a historic third Aegis at The International 2023 that is quickly approaching. It will be interesting to see if his insane plays from the midlane will be enough to carry Tundra Esports to the title.

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