Timado Has Reached The Highest Rank In Starcraft II


Timado Has Reached the Highest Rank in Starcraft II

Dorjee Palzang
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Timado has achieved the prestigious Master Rank in Starcraft II, showcasing his strategic prowess beyond Dota 2.
Timado humorously anticipates a Dota 2 patch focusing on micro and macro movements, honing his skills in Starcraft II.
While currently without a Dota 2 team, Timado is serving as OG's substitute carry in the Elite League.

Professional Dota 2 player, Enzo "Timado" Gianoli who last played for Tundra Esports has made it to the upper echelons of Starcraft II. 

Taking to X to share his new achievement with his fans and followers, the professional Dota 2 player wrote that he had been playing Starcraft II for fun on the side and had secured the Master Rank while doing so.

He also jokingly added that he cannot wait for Dota 2 to release a new patch that revolves around micro and macro movements since he was already practicing for it on Starcraft II.

Timado Secures Master Rank in Starcraft II

Master Rank on Starcraft II is currently the highest attainable rank in the game just behind the Grandmaster Rank medal which is reserved specifically for the 1v1 game mode only.

Been playing SC2 for fun on the side - reached master, just spamming marine widow mine sometimes cyclone. can't wait for the micro/macro patch in Dota I'm already practicing for it :skullemoji:” Timado stated on 1st April 2024. 

Timado is currently ranked second on the Master Tier 3, although details about his regions are scant, it is safe to assume that Timado plays in the United States region since he lives in Peru, South America.

The Tier 3 Master Rank is awarded to players with an MMR of 4421 or above. Timado revealed that he climbed the ranks by using units like Marine, Widow Mime, and Cyclone.

This impressive achievement secured by Timado gives him a safe spot amongst the top 4.3% of the total player base to achieve the Master Rank.

Starcraft Rank Distribution

For comparison, the Master Rank medal is equivalent to achieving the Immortal rank in Dota 2.

On the Dota side of things, Timado has been sitting without a team following his last stint with Tundra Esports in early January 2024. The Peruvian player streams Dota 2 on Twtich from time to time. Other than that, he has made no announcement or conveyed any intention of joining a professional team.

However, Timado is currently playing as the stand-in carry for OG and is engaged in the ongoing Elite League. OG has two series wins under their name but lost against Entity yesterday in a best-of-three series.

OG is now set to face HEROIC, who has shown excellent performance in the tournament and even beat teams like Tundra Esports and Aurora. 

Notably, Timado also represented OG at the DreamLeague Season 22, DreamLeague Season 23: Western Europe Closed Qualifiers, and PGL Wallachia Season 1: Western Europe Closed Qualifiers.

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